Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29 - Making our week

Hey Dad!
I would be more than happy to do the work for Helen Blanch Taylor. What a neat experience you have had with that photo and trying to link this family together for eternity.

Church was good this past week. After sacrament meeting everyone was shocked that I could play the oboe. So many people said that it was a blessing they had tissues with them because my playing made them cry. One older lady was so impressed but also on the verge of giving me a whack on the side of my head for not playing sooner. Haha. It was certainly not the best performance because I am way out of shape but it definitely brought the spirit to our meeting. That's most important. I made sure to bake Yan some brownies as payment. He was excited for those. Sister Jensen also gave her first talk in German and I was able to record both her talk and my performance. She did such a good job talking about commandments and how God really has made it easy for us to stay on the path.

Sister Jensen will be training here in Bremerhaven. She won't be traveling with me to Berlin, I'll be going by myself. She will come with me to Bremen and help me get on my next train and then the Elders in Bremen will babysit her for an hour until her temporary companion arrives who will also be training. Sister Jensen will pick up her new companion on Thursday.

I spend some time thinking about what is to come but right now its mostly getting to Berlin and getting on the plane. I talked with Sister Kosak last night and she explained that the over weight fee is €200 per bag. I certainly can't afford that. I think I'm just going to have to put packages together and mail them home because there is no way I can afford €400 euros. My bags should be booked all the way through. I weighed one bag last night and it was 26 kilos and it's only allowed to be 23. And the other bag is heavier so I'm thinking I'll take the books out and mail them? I've gotten rid of as much as possible, things that have simply just been worn out or I won't need again and another Sister could use. I'm not sure. I'm just super stressed about it and wish more and more than I could just teleport home with my things and not worry about money and fees.

Dad, of course I'll feel like talking. You'll just have to be patient when I can't remember the word in English or a German one slips out. I'm having a harder time remembering bigger English words now. I can't wait to see you on Wednesday and get to hug you! Thanks for all the support you have given me my whole life but most importantly these past 18 months. I love you! Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

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