Monday, April 1, 2013

March 31st Easter Bunny Day & the Resurrection

Hey Dad,

Sorry switching jobs was so super stressful this week. Hopefully it'll get better the more you get acquainted with it. So XXXXXXX asked us to never contact her again and when people say that we usually don't ever contact them again. It's important to respect their decisions. With XXXXXXX I think she dropped us because she kept getting hurt each time one of us Sister missionaries would have to leave. She was really attached to us as people as well as the gospel. Every time we were there we testified of the truth she had been taught. She knew it was true and she told us often. She felt the Spirit every time we were there and she enjoyed reading in the Book of Mormon. I plan on contacting her one more time before I leave but I don't want to offend her more or make her upset because we didn't respect her words. It's frustrating and much more difficult than being stuck in a rock and a hard place. I haven't felt prompted to go back and usually I am. I'm not sure.

I'm glad you had a good birthday. I was talking with the Italian family in our branch yesterday telling them the Italian things that we eat at home and mentioned Uccileti. They knew exactly what I was talking about, calling them little birds! I like that you have all this awesome LSU gear now. You'll have to come to a game this next season and sport all your fun things. I was in H&M this past week and saw a purple cardigan for sale and then a yellow one so naturally I had to buy both :) Those colors are just so beautiful together especially when I think about adding some Louisiana cuisine to it.

I really don't care what kind of job I have. I figure I can't be picky but just take what the Lord provides.

I'm working on leaving Sister Jensen the legacy of how to do successful missionary work. She mentioned to me the other day how she hated finding and was just not excited to do the not so fun work but after receiving a blessing where she was blessed twice to find the excitement of the work its slowly starting to come to her and that she has learned by good example that when we don't have an appointment we find. I think the hardest thing for me is learning to work together with her. There is no way that we can be successful if we don't work together. We all work at different paces and even though I'm used to a faster one she isn't so I have to work at hers. I feel that I struggle with feeling that I haven't done enough work because it's not how I used to do it. How do I get over those feelings?

The people that we met and made our new appointments with are doing great. XXXXXXX has committed to be baptized on April 28th. When we asked him he said that baptism was the one thing that has been burning on his heart lately. The family we have an appointment with this Friday. I am excited to meet with them and see if they read in the Book of Mormon and what questions they have.

Have a great week at work and fun at the beach! Thanks for your love and support Dad. Love you!

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