Monday, July 16, 2012

Can you feel the love tonight!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre


     I love your singing, thanks for that :) Sleeping: it comes and goes, not sure why I'm not sleeping so well. I think it just depends on how much stress I am feeling at that moment. I'm tired i'm just not getting any rest. Thanks for sending me pictures. I love getting pictures. Thanks for making me pretty in the picture. Andre, I've been out 9 months next week. Come on :) Some sisters take stupid pregnant pictures but we don't. The Elders burn the same things you guys did. I'm glad you and Bryan are finally friends ;) 
   Everyone is stoked to go to the temple. As far as I know everyone passed their interview for their temple recommend yesterday. Bruder Lau showed us his so he has one.  
    P-day activities today include going grocery shopping, going to a thrift store, helping sister Openshaw finish packing and probably to go get an ice cream. Sister Openshaw has to pack because she is being transfered to Leipzig and Sister Tidwell will be coming to me. I'm sad to see Sister Openshaw leave me but she and I have made an amazing friendship and plans to hang ou afterwards so I look forward to being able to be her compie comp after the mission. She only has three transfers left. 
     This week Sister Tidwell will be coming on tueseday. We're going to be starting a project in FHE to learn about Book of Mormon Prophets, doing lots of finding, teaching lots of lessons, having district meeting, and probably having the best time of our lives :)
   Baptismal Dates that we have are XXXX, who will be getting baptized August 12th and Bruder XXXX who will be getting baptized September 2. XXXX decided not to be baptized but still wants to meet with us. He says its all  moving too fast for him. Its a blessing that we still get to teach him. And then we'll get twenty more this week.
   Baptisms per zone: I think its at least one baptism per companionship except that not every companionship baptizes so it evens out. Some baptize more than others. In our district we had 3 baptisms this transfer.

   When we go to the temple we will only be doing baptisms not the endowment so I won't get to hear the voice of Uchtdorf. Since Sister Openshaw will be in a temple zone she'll have to listen for it. 
   So this week in FHE we talked about faith and we planted seeds in a little window box. In sunday school yesterday the teacher asked what seeds had to do with the gospel and Thomas was like ''Seeds are our faith!'' It was so neat to see that he remembered and made the connection. Thomas also gave his first talk ever. He dictated to us what he wanted to say and we wrote it down for him and he did a fabulous job! It was neat to see and hear him give his talk. 
   Well I hope you two have a fabulous week. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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