Monday, July 23, 2012

Quiet Sunday Evening

Hey Mumma!
  You're too funny. Did you know that? Can you believe that nine months will have gone by Thursday? I'm on the down hill now. That's so weird to me. Some days I still feel so fresh on the mission and others it's like maybe I've been out for a few months but not 9! I keep thinking my birthday and my year mark are in two months, then Christmas and then I'll be home. WEIRD! I miss the family very much so I am looking forward to being with you all again but more looking forward to right now and who we can help here in Germany.

Sister Tidwell is from St. George, Utah and is really excited to do missionary work. She didn't realize there was a difference between West and East Germany. She began her mission in Kiel and Halberstadt is her second city. She just hit her 6 month mark this past week. I think she got a little scared as we did finding before an appointment on Thursday.  A lot of people shut the door in our faces, a man yelled at us for talking to people (he said we were a burden and bothersome), and another lady put our pass along card down her shirt. I'd agreed, everyone was a little more aggressive than normal. Maybe they all just had a bad day. She is really good and keeping happy and says that our rejections are like the movies, Hahaha! It's really interesting to see how our investigators really need her and how they all respond to her and her spirit and testimony. That's really neat. We have had the hardest time trying to get XXX to talk and be normal and with her he is really normal and talks bunches and even shook our hands! We haven't found our rhythm for teaching yet. That's probably the hardest thing. Sister Openshaw and I could read each others minds and knew when we should talk and worked really well off of our lesson plans. Sister Tidwell and I have been working and talking to see what we can do so she can know when she should speak or teach something.

The members take really hard to changes. They love every Sister missionary that ever comes like their own child but saying good bye to Sister Openshaw was like beating a dead horse. Thomas cried. It was hard to say good bye to her too for me. I didn't get a chance to hug her cause Schwester Munke just put her on her train before I got a chance. I wanted to cry. The good news is that Sister Openshaw will be at the Temple on when we get out of our baptismal session. The ward is excited to see her and to go do baptisms for the dead.
   It's weird to me that Eli is (living) downstairs now. I never lived in that room. I think its good for him because it helps him to recognize that he is an adult now. Andre says he wears a size 10 shoe! Holy moly he is going to be big Mum. 
   I really liked your relief society lesson and about the singing babushkas from Russia. They sound like a fun group!

    On our way home Friday night there was a beautiful rainbow. I'll have to attach pictures. It was neat to see. Gods little gift to us. Schwester Mußmann finally has electricity after 3 months so that's good news. XXXXXX is getting married on Friday and Sister Tidwell and I will be there. We are both excited to go and support him. He is really excited too. He is also down to smoking 12 cigarettes a day from 40. He was to start 10 a day on Sunday. Please pray for him that his health will allow him to be baptized and that he will be able to quit smoking for good!
   Thanks for all your love and support mumma. I love hearing what you all are up to.
-Ariel Nell

Saying goodbye to Sister Openshaw


Sister Tidwell

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