Monday, July 16, 2012

Hi there!

  Haha, I loved the picture of Dad asleep on the kitchen floor. (A picture of Dad asleep in a bean bag on the kitchen floor was sent to Ariel. He was taking a nap while waiting for dinner). I miss all the crazy things that go on at home. I can't believe Eli's voice is changing !!! Bah! I had a dream someone telling me that he is taller than Andre. I don't think that's true yet. It's weird that he's growing up.
  Glad you got my postcard! I'm becoming a big fan of postcards. I like trying to find fun pictures on the front and see how much I can write on the back. I probably won't get the packages from you and Dad until I go to presidents interviews which may be in two or three weeks. 
  So one of our investigators, XXXXXX is really sick and we haven't been able to meet with him this past week. Hopefully we can this week. Our Temple trip is so soon and EVERYONE is so excited. They all had their temple recommend interviews yesterday and they're all paying their tithing so I think all is set. I just have to call the temple tomorrow and make sure they remember that we're coming.  I wish I could go through and do an endowment or initiatories session. I miss the temple terribly. It will be really nice to be in the baptistry and to feel the spirit when we go. 

    A married couple that we're teaching bought us root beer so we could make root beer floats when we came over. IT WAS AMAZING! Who would have thought that treat that always irritated us in Young Womens hits the spot here in Germany. Sister Openshaw and I found the best Chinese restaurant EVER on Saturday. It's was probably the best decision we've ever made to buy some food. It's a shame we found it so late though. Sister Openshaw is being transferred to Leipzig and will be leaving Tuesday to go. My new companion is Sister Tidwell. I got to talk to her on the phone last night and she's super funny. I'm looking forward to meeting her just not to sending Sister Openshaw to Leipzig. 
   Sister Openshaw and I always write down funny things someone says each transfer. Here are some funny quotes from this transfer: ''This isn't funny. Go pee your pants somewhere else. I used to be pretty.'' ''His shirt looks weird. It makes me feel uncomfortable.'' ''Do you see that lady with the purple shoes? Is that her toe sticking out or a growth. It's upsetting really.'' They're all just funny things that happen :)
   Have a great week. I love you bunches! Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers!
-Ariel Nell

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