Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi ya!


 Sister Tidwell is really wonderful. She is from St. George, Utah  and is really stoked to do missionary work. She is in her fourth transfer and I'm in my 6th. She just hit her six month mark on her mission and I'm about to hit 9 months this week. It's weird being the senior comp. I still feel really new. It's also hard switching the way you teach. I feel like Sister Openshaw and I were so in connection with each other we would make a lesson plan and then go and wouldn't have any problems knowing when one should talk or another. We also both understood a lot of what was said, Sister Openshaw more than me. With Sister Tidwell we've had to figure out how we can teach together so that she actually teaches. Her German is pretty good and she gave her first talk ever in German yesterday. Welcome to Halberstadt! I thought she did a really great job. I am missing Sister Openshaw bunches. We have already talked three times on the phone since she left. Thomas cried when she left, it was so sad!
    I'm surprised that you and Michael got released as Sunday school teachers but I think it'll help you two be less stressed on Sundays having everything prepared. Don't be nervous about teaching in YW. You do a great job and all the girls seem to love you in there. I think it's neat how it just goes around. That you were once in there being taught and now you're the one teaching. 
     This week for FHE we started teaching them the song Book of Mormon stories. Each verse talks about a different Book of Mormon prophet. The first verse talks about the forefathers sailing across the sea. We talked about how Lehi and Nephi had a Liahona and that's what helped guided them. We got them to all say what is a liahona for them in their lives and then we all drew pictures. Bruder Lau wasn't able to pick up Frau XXXXXXX for FHE so she took a taxi so she could be sure to be there. Isn't that just crazy! She really knows what is important and loves the time she spends with all of us. 
   Bruder Schwabe rigged up the headsets for translation to a big microphone at church so Frau XXXXXXX could hear everything just fine without yelling at the people talking to speak louder. It actually came in handy for a lot of old people in our ward :)
    Well, I love you, Have a great week and keep up the amazing work. I'm working hard to come home to everyone. Oh, don't get upset for the letters I send to your house for Bryan. I'll be sure to write you more fun letters too :) Thanks for taking care of him and give him a big hug for me when you guys get to see him again. Love you Both!

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