Monday, July 16, 2012

Home again

Mumma and Dad!
  It is soooo weird to me that Eli is a man. He's got a deep voice, he's doing his own laundry, going to live downstairs, do football, and wear contacts! What the heck! That's not the little boy I left in October. That's so crazy to me and so very exciting. I'm glad he enjoyed scout camp so much. Mum are you excited to have a sewing room all to yourself? It's funny to hear what you and Dad do with the house now that its almost vacant.

  My driving test went really well on Wednesday. The driving school instructor and the tester man just talked the whole time and the tester man would interrupt their conversation to tell me to turn, park, or do something else funny. It was nice to just have them talking the whole time. It felt more like I was being a taxi driver to two best friends than taking an important driving test. I passed and have an in-between license right now and will pick up the real one in August.

  Thomas told us on Monday that he was asked to give a talk on Sunday so we wrote down what he dictated and helped him organize his thoughts. He delivered his talk yesterday and did a wonderful job. Three people got interviewed yesterday for their temple recommends. I just have to call the temple tomorrow and then all will be set for our trip at the end of the month. Transfer call was on Saturday and Sister Openshaw is being moved to Leipzig. Luckily it's in a temple zone so hopefully she and her new companion will still be able to come on our temple trip. My new companion is Sister Tidwell and she will be coming to me from Kiel tomorrow.

  No, it's not getting any warmer. It was 12°C (53.5 degrees Fahrenheit) yesterday, has rained almost everyday here this week and I wore tights twice and a jacket everyday. Good thing I have tights and jackets!

Dad - that Steinway sounded gorgeous! I'd like to have a Steinway one day but it will probably just be a picture that hangs on my wall :) Thanks for the book report on Beryl. I really appreciate the time you take to look things up for me. It helps to understand the scriptures a lot better.
   I love you both, have a fabulous week!
-Ariel Nell
Harz, the land where I'm living

Our ward on Sunday


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