Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello from Dad

Hey Dad,

Sister Tidwell is from St. George, Utah and she is a blast to work with. She really is excited about missionary work and loves our little branch already. She was serving in Kiel for the last three transfers and now Halberstadt is her second city. She hasn't had to do a lot of doors because Kiel has so many people on the streets and they get a lot of referrals from members. She didn't realize there was such a different between the West and East so I think the first day of doors really shook her up. We contacted a lady on the street, gave her our card, and the lady put it down Sister Tidwells shirt. Not the nicest thing the lady could have done. Sister Tidwell is a hard worker so this transfer will be a lot of fun.

The only thing that we've been able to get out of XXXX is that it was moving too fast for him, he is scared of going underwater (but we already cleared that one up), and that he is too preoccupied on girls to think about God. Thankfully he decided that this one girl he was really interested in who wasn't interested with him is not going to be interested in him so he should just move on. That was a big step. I think he also gets hung up on his friends and doesn't really see that putting God first will help his life. These are all things we've addressed time and time again and I think its just going to take more time. He needs to come to the decision on his own. He said he was still interested in meeting with us and that he'll probably get baptized next year or the year after.

The Habitat for Humanity project sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad that the ward got to participate in helping this family out. Way cool! I'm glad that you guys have the missionaries over often. We have a lunch appointment every Sunday with a different member from our ward and then every Friday with Schwester Munke. Thanks for feeding the missionaries. It sure does help the work a lot.

This week everyone has been busy finishing their genealogy so that they can bring names to the temple. Schwester Mußmann, Thomas, and Bruder Lau will all be bringing family names. Its been really amazing to see the Lords hand in Thomas finding information about his family. He was raised in an orphanage and knows very little about his family and he has really been blessed with finding a lot of information. It makes him more and more happy to know about his family. We will be leaving really early for our temple trip on Saturday but everyone is really excited. Sister Openshaw called and said her district is taking this Saturday as their temple day so that they can be there when we get out of our baptismal session. I'm excited to see her again.

This week has been a lot of finding and meeting with less actives. One was supposed to come to church yesterday but she didn't. We made her a come back to church calender instead of a baptismal calendar in hopes of helping her to prepare to come to church. We set a date and everything but it didn't work out. I'm not quite sure how to help her since we even have people who can pick her up she just has to call and ask. What do you do?

Have a great week Dad and I hope that you can sweat some more for me and that your arm, shoulder, and back feel better soon! I love you! Thanks for all your support.

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