Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey Hey , My my

For the most part you had a positive experience in the parade? Why would people be negative, silly willies.

  Haha! Did the sister missionaries come to your barbeque? I'm glad you enjoyed your barbeque! Its crazy to me that ya'll have been almost a whole month in your house.

  Zone conferece was really good. President and Sister Kosak are wonderful. They are really great teachers and really have a love for the work and excited to get started.  Did we celebrate 4th of july? No, we didn't have a chance to celebrate. Thomas, a member, really wanted to make sure we celebrated so we had cake and watermelon at FHE on Tuesday. Thomas also gave us gifts because he said it was our countries birthday which is like our birthday. I did sport some red white and blue and an American flag at Zone conference :) Mum has a picture of it.

  Our temple trip is scheduled for the end of July. Everyone is super excited and will be getting their temple recommends next Sunday after church. We taught everyone at FHE this week how to sing the first verse of "I Love To See The Temple". Frau XXXXXXX was there and so when we visited her later on in the week she said good things come in threes so we had to sing the song with her three times in a row. It was really cute.

   This Sunday, Thomas and Bruder Lau received their patriarchal blessings. Bruder Lau asked Sister Openshaw and I to sit in with him as he received his blessing. It was such a neat experience. It really showed me how the lord knows his children personally. The Patriarch didn't know Bruder Lau from Adam and the things he said were so personal and direct. Bruder Lau even asked us who told him some things that were mentioned afterwards and we told him no one. That Heavenly Father knows everything. It was a really neat and touching experience for us and for the two of them.

  Don't smack Ellen or I'll come back and smack you. :) People wear cardigans year round here. So a cardigan is always welcome :) Whats going on with me? Well, I'm doing missionary work. I'm having a hard time sleeping again and I'm excited for this next week to get some work done. I'll be taking the driving praxis test on wednesday so throw some prayers in for me bitte (please)!

  Sister Openshaw and I will be together until the second coming and when transfers roll around we won't ever leave :)

  Have fun with Jonathan on the 25th! Enjoy work this week and make sure to do good work :)  I love you both! Have a fabulous day!
-Ariel Nell

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