Monday, July 30, 2012

"I'm praying for you" card to Lyndel

Bruder Lau and Schwester Munke both have REALLY fat cats. Schwester Munke gets upset though is you call her cat fat. They both have a bowl of cream out for their cats, plus dry food, wet food and Schwester Munke gives Philly (her cat) raw meat every day for dinner. They are like spoiled rotten children!

Sometimes Germans tell us we're little and ask if we didn't eat enough cauliflower when we were little and if our parents didn't give us enough water to grow. One of our investigators, Herr XXXXXX, has a laughing fit every time we visit because poor Sister Tidwell's feet don't touch the ground when we sit on his couch. He took a shelf off his wall so she could use it as a foot stool. He also thought she was Native American because she parts her hair down the middle.

Oh! We taught Thomas and XXXX a lesson on prophets this past Thursday using cookies. Each cookie has a name of a prophet on it. We explained that God always gives us prophets to give us the spiritual food we need and to lead us in the right direction. When the prophets die (or when the cookie gets eaten) Heavenly Father sends us another prophet. They enjoyed learning about the prophets and eating the cookies.

We also taught a lesson using balloons so a ballon is us. When it's just filled with air it's empty. When the devil (or a lit match) tries to bring us down  and tempt us, we pop. But when we're a water balloon (or filled with the gospel of Jesus Christ because Christ is the living waters) the devil can't penetrate us. We did this example for our two primary kids yesterday at our lunch appointment. They LOVED it! I can't wait to be a Mum and have fun FHE lessons.

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