Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter to Lyndel

  Meeting the Kosaks (new mission presidents) was super cool. They will be wonderful mission presidents together. They have so much love for us already. They love working with younger people and both can teach about the gospel very well. They sang for us in Russian (they've been living there for the past 10 years) at the beginning of our zone conference. It was so beautiful. They speak Russian, English, and German. Our thema (lesson, spiritual thought)  for zone conference went okay. We only had 15 minutes which is no time at all. I think it helped everyone to understand how they can connect the restoration to EVERYONE they teach. 
  Our investigators are doing okay. Herr XXXXX fell out of his appointment yesterday. XXXX isn't really interested, XXXXXX is on fire, Herr XXXXXX said the best prayer ever on Saturday, Frau XXXXXXX is now in the middle of Alma and LOVES him, and XXX is thinking about baptism.
  We just had the lesson of Alma and Amulek two Sundays ago. I love the story especially about Zeezrom and how he turns into such an amazing missionary once he is truly converted. We also talked about what kind of sacrifices we can give to do missionary work. Amulek started with having to take care of Alma and in the end Amulek lost everything, his family, his wealth, his position in society so that he could preach the gospel and then Alma took care of him. 
    I really look forward to seeing your house when I come home. I look at the pictures you sent to try and get a better idea of everything. I have heard from Bryan since he has been in Italy (Bryan is there performing in an Opera for a few weeks). He writes me an email every week and then usually a letter too. Mail only takes two days between the two countries versus a week so that's nice. You should expect a letter soon. I can't remember when I sent it. 

   So when teaching XXXXXX this week he said about the Book of Mormon, ''It must be true, otherwise it wouldn't go with my life everyday!'' That was super cool to hear. Germans have to get married in the Rathaus (town hall) before they're married in a church and XXXXXX has invited us to the Rathaus (town hall) ceremony. It'll be at the end of this month and then he'll get baptized. Woo hoo!
Love you,
Ariel Nell

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