Monday, July 2, 2012

"Welcome to Earth!" - Independen​ce Day

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

   Yes I listen to you out loud, we're not allowed to listen with headphones. We don't have internet laddens (internet cafes) here in Halberstadt. We come downstairs to the church for emails. Which makes it nice cause we can bring our breakfast with us if we want.

  I can't believe how hot it has been in Atlanta!! This week we had 3 days of sweating!! It was wonderful but all the Germans are not so happy and get upset. But now they understand why we have air conditioning at home because we told them its warmer at home than it is here. We've had a few people say air conditioning isn't good but I think this past week if they had some they would have been convinced of the truthfulness of air conditioning :)

Please video tape the Keswick park show or take pictures if you can! I miss that show. Some members were worried that we wouldn't get to celebrate 4th of July for some reason so we're having a little pre-fourth of July party on Tuesday at our FHE group. We will buy a water melon today and eat that as our snack. Then we're going to learn how to sing the song, I love to see the temple. On Tuesday we will also be tausching (doing exchanges) and two other sisters will join me here in Halberstadt. One of the Sister cities in our zone is a drit (companionship of three) so the drit will be here on Tuesday. It'll be fun.

The mission presidents switched up on Friday. President Kosak is now here and we get to meet him on Wednesday at our Zone conference. I'm excited to meet him. Time is going by really fast on the mission. I realized I have 3 months till my birthday which is also my year mark. Did it go by this fast for you!? Where is all the time going?

  This week it seems our investigators kind of stepped off into the deep end but we're helping them to all come back to normal and understand the gospel better. We got to visit the Dom on Thursday and I paid to light a candle. I figured I'd do it for the Martins :)

  We got to visit the John Cage Orgel projekt this week and at first I thought we wouldn't be able to go because we got out of an appointment late but Sister Openshaw said no that we should still go. So we went and ran into the lady in charge. She had just closed it but said she would open it for us and then we got to see the organ and then teach her about the restoration and invite her to church. Sister Openshaw asked if she liked to read and she said she read anything that came between her fingers so we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was super excited. It was a really neat experience and showed me that when we're doing what we're supposed to the Lord will bless us with someone to teach. I'm excited to see her this Thursday for the note change and ask about her reading the Book of Mormon. 

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