Monday, July 30, 2012

The week that was


   Jack Daniels pulled pork sounds LOVELY!!!! mmm mmm mmm :)
   I love that we have to take every visitor to Atlanta to the varsity. Haha! Did Jonathan like the coke factory and centennial Olympic park?

   I like that you can't remember your week. That's like us. I can't tell you where our week went all I know is that its now p-day again and I'm writing emails. staying busy is the best.

   Ooo Occoee rafting sounds fun! Were you guys just exhausted after the braves game? Did anyone fall out of the raft? 6 flags?! Holy cow you guys had a busy week with Jonathan. 

   That's fun that you got to be there for the Petty's baby blessing! I didn't know that they had a girl. Did you guys eat sushi afterwards?

   Fast-forward is an amazing invention. I agree Ellen! Voldemort from Harry Potter? what? 

   Ooo gymnastics! Sad that Michael Phelps came in fourth. 

   I like your french. You should definitely develop that!

   Of course Bryan looks gorgeous! :)

   Well this week was fun. We did some finding Monday afternoon and this little girl saw us going from house to house. She just stood there and watched us and then asked, ''Why are you going house to house? do you always do that?'' I told her we try to talk to people about God and said I like her glasses and she was like, ''They're cool huh!'' It was funny. We visited the Dom, Liebenfrauen Kirche, and the martini kirche on Thursday because Sister Tidwell wanted to see some of the churches here in Halberstadt. Friday we went to XXXXXXX wedding in Thale. That was fun to be there with them. We were the only guests there.  Oh and I meant to tell you last week Andre that Aaron Schmaal, one of our two primary kids came up to me at church two weeks ago and told me what time and what channel the formula one races would be on. It was too funny!

  Well I hope you guys get to have a little more of a relaxing week this week! I love y'all bunches. Thanks for feeding the missionaries!
-Ariel Nell

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