Monday, July 30, 2012

Excerpt from Lyndel's email

Hey Lyndel!
  I'm glad that you guys will get to have a full house with Bryan and Jessica! That will be fun! The temple trip was a lot of fun. It was really neat to see Sister Openshaw although I didn't get to spend more than ten minutes with her. I wrote mum the whole story so ask her for it.

  Sister Tidwell is the same age as me. Her birthday is October 1st even. She is just four foot 11, so she's little. I was proud of myself for my 9 month mark. I fist-punched the air in celebration as I woke up on Thursday. It was the first thought to run through my mind.

   I haven't gotten sick since being in Germany except for barfing or upset stomachs. I feel like my stomach is a lot more sensitive to the food here. Either because I have some bug in me or my body is not a fan of what I'm putting into it. It makes eating not the most pleasant experience like it should be. 

  Our FHE lesson this week was super fun. We sang the verse from Book of Mormon stories about Alma the younger. We made pockets from paper that we sewed together. We explained that each stitch are things that help us to humble ourselves and return to our heavenly father like Alma did so repentance, reading your scriptures, going to church, sharing your testimony, etc. Then when they do all those things they have prepared themselves to become missionaries for the Lord. We made them all missionary name badges like the Elders get to hang on their pockets and we hung them on their paper pockets they sewed together. It was cute and they all enjoyed the activity. This week we will be talking about Abinadi.

 Sister Tidwell and I ride our bikes everywhere everyday. So we exercise lots! We usually don't walk everywhere because it wastes time, we're a lot faster on our bikes!

   I haven't gotten the packages yet. We haven't had any big missionary zone meetings. This Thursday we have Presidents interviews and I should get them then. We have also been told that we will only be having Zone Conference every other transfer now so if you send things to the mission office I'll get them every other transfer (which is a 6 week period).

   Well I love you! Thanks for all your love and support. I've been praying for you lots. I hope all is well! Love you!
-Ariel Nell
Schwester Mußmann with her missionary pocket

Thomas with his missionary pocket

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