Monday, August 6, 2012

Here we go again

Hey Mumma!
  I love getting your emails. Yesterday during sacrament meeting I just got this huge flooding of home sickness. Just one of those times where I wanted to be able to come home from church and tell you about what I learned and my day and help make dinner and set the table. Those are all good things but it stinks having home sickness when there is nothing you can do about it. Good thing we have companions. We can share our feelings with the other and they completely understand.

   I was bummed too about the temple experience or the rules there and so were our members but the experience has had a huge change on all of them. Thomas told us that going to the temple was the best experience on his life and he'll never forget it. Gernot said in his testimony that by going to the temple it allowed him to make more progress in the gospel then he ever thought he could make. It was so neat to hear! It is getting people excited about the temple. Bruder Lau is still furiously doing geneology and I'm hoping that we'll be able to organize a trip for the ward so they can go often and they recognize the need to go often. We are also going to start working on preparing people to recieve their endowments and Melchizedek priesthood.

   I'm sorry you may be doing double duty for a bit if they don't hire a new teacher. Good thing is that you and Tammy still get to be the dream team together and work with one another. Are a lot of people retiring because of the crazy no pay and horrible bosses situation in DeKalb county? I'm sooo glad Eli is loving football. Exercise does create endorphins so no wonder he is super stoked. When is his first game? Be sure to take lots of pictures of him in uniform and everything.

   Thanks for the news blurb. I'm glad they're finally building a food Wal-Mart down the street. All those poor people need a place where they can go shopping for FOOD and not stuff they don't need or is so expensive even we don't like to shop there. Did the City of Dunwoody throw a fit because a wal-mart was being built or is that little block not in Dunwoody? What are you going to do as Dad and Andre are away? What's Ellen going to do?

   Things are going really well with Sister Tidwell and I. She makes me laugh so hard almost every day I'm pretty sure I'm going to wet my pants at some point this transfer. She has made it a personal goal of hers so no worries. I just need to start carrying around an extra bottoms with me cause its bound to happen. This transfer has been flying by and its definitely because we have been getting lost in the work and having fun while we do it. We are absolutely exhausted everyday. But good exhausted not bad exhausted. We know when to take a breather so don't worry.

    Schwester Munke says she loves chocolate covered raisins (we don't have raisins here but she had them once somewhere else). Do you think the next package you send out with face wash and things you could stick a little box of raisenettes for Schwester Munke inside? She does so much for us I'd like to do something fun for her.

    We got to have Presidents interviews this past Thursday in Hannover. It was fun to sit and talk with President and discuss the concerns Sister Tidwell and I have for the area. XXXXXX will be interviewed tomorrow for his baptism on SUNDAY!!!! Woo HOOO!!!!!!! We are really excited for him and he is super excited. Hopefully all goes well in his interview. It's been really neat to watch him to progress to this point. I'm excited to help him keep progressing. We haven't been able to get into contact with Herr XXXXX at all. He won't answer his phone and we went by yesterday, when he was home and he didn't answer. It's SO frustrating sometimes!

   Anyways, we've been having fun and a wonderful week. Thanks for all your love and support Mumma. Make sure to have some fun at school this week and to remember to relax when you come home! When does Eli start school? Okay, Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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