Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi gorgeous girl

 You are too funny. That's really neat that you're now working on the coca-cola account. What do you guys do for them? Do you just do advertising for them in Atlanta for all your clients or all around the country and world? I'm glad you got a fabulous yellow rain coat. I'm excited to see it! Rain coats are a great invention but they don't work when riding a bike. I learned that in Celle.
  The investigators are doing okay. We got into contact with XXXXXX this past week and that was awesome! He is out of the hospital and turned out we had the wrong cell phone number because he got a new number and forgot to tell us. He was really upset about that but we told him it was okay. We set a new baptismal date for September 23rd. I'm excited and so is he so keep him in your prayers please!
  Yeah the Anthro skirt is AMAZING! Thanks so much for it.  I thought the hand sanitizer was like my Big Fat Greek wedding too. It made us laugh so hard. Yeah, Elder Ott had an ingrown toe nail that went crazy and had to get an 8th of his toe removed. So the same thing as Andre just not as bad. The other Elder said he wrote a return angry Epistle. We're excited to get it on Wednesday at district meeting. Its sad the humor we have on the mission but it makes us laugh so that's all that matters.

   I didn't get transferred this Saturday. I'm staying in Halberstadt for another transfer. Yes, I did set a record for the mission for being the longest in one area. I think there was an Elder years before me who stayed in Halberstadt 9 months as well. The Lord definitely needs me here and I'm grateful to be able to keep serving with Sister Tidwell. She is so wonderful and we work well together. The next transfer call is Andres birthday and then My year mark is like two weeks later. Is that just crazy or what?
   I sent your birthday package last Monday. The pens are for Bryan, I didn't have a sticky note with me when I sent it to tell you that. I hope you love your gift! Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to get Andre. What do you get a married man for his birthday?
   The weather started off hott at the beginning of the week and its cooler now. Fall should be starting soon. I'm in tights so its cool enough for that. No coats yet luckily. No we don't ever get conned into watching TV at members houses unless it's the Testaments, the Restoration, or Finding Faith in Christ films. 
    This week for FHE we taught about Helemans 2000 strippling warriors and how they fought with shields of faith metaphorically speaking and then we cut up a cardboard box in the shape of shields and covered them in aluminum foil and then drew on them things that represented our faith. Sister tidwell drew the Halberstadt shield and then wrote WWJT "Was würde Jesus Tun" or "What Would Jesus Do" in German. It was a fun activity and our old people enjoyed it. 
    Have a great week Lyndel. I love you very much and I'm so grateful that you are my Sister! Thanks for everything Lyndel. Love you.
-Ariel Nell

Me this past week

Sister Tidwell's shield

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