Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello from Dad

 Thanks for all the pictures. I'm not sure what kind of instrument that is. It certainly is related to the oboe but not sure what it is. Maybe you could ask Lara. It's so crazy to me to hear about Eli changing and becoming a man. It's exciting but sad to think that he won't be the same little kid that he was when I left. 

    Way to go on filling up 30 minutes of sacrament!  I gave a talk in church yesterday as well - on understanding the purpose of this life through hard trials. I think it was more for myself than anyone else but I needed to write it and share my testimony of it. 
    There is nothing you can send anyone to further the work here but you could give me some ideas of how to get less actives or basically completely in-actives to church. We meet with quite a few regularly. We have been teaching them about the blessings of church, about some gospel principles, and about putting the Lord first and then the rest will be taken care of. This last week we asked one why she was keeping herself from the blessings that Heavenly Father has for her by not coming to church and participate in the sacrament. She couldn't really give us an answer. It's frustrating but I know that if we just stick it out and slowly push through it with her that she will eventually come around if that is what she wants. Patience is always a good thing to have.
    I'm not sure how interested the branch will be about President Monson's birthday and most don't have internet but we can suggest it. 
    This week we had a bit of time to go door to door and we doored into this 92 year old woman. She let us in and told us all about her life. It was really an amazing experience to hear from here of what life was like in the 50's and 60's in East Germany. She wasn't really interested but I think the Lord leads us to some of his children just so they can feel his love and know that he thinks about them. She is all alone, has no living relatives and lives by herself. Sister Tidwell and I are thinking about going by again ad bringing her cookies. She was a cute little lady.
   Well I hope you have a fabulous week Dad! Thanks for all your love and support and inspiration. Miss you and love you!
-Ariel Nell

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