Monday, August 13, 2012

DeKalb County = Back in the Saddle

Hey Mumma,

  I'm glad to hear that you're back at school and that Eli is about to start Middle School! That is so weird to me! It's neat that Mr. Coile is still teaching at Chamblee Middle. It's funny to think that so many little kids I babysat since they were really little are going to school now. I think the new for strength of youth booklet will be great for family home evening. Thanks so much for buying Schwester Munke raisinettes. She'll be really excited. This past Friday when we ate at her house we had Vanillian Sosa with our dessert. It's just a vanilla flavored sauce that they put on their ice cream or any dessert you can think of. She made us jello and we put it on top of that. We explained to her that we don't have Vanillian Sosa in America and she asked us in all honesty how we lived without it. It was soooooo funny. She gives us chocolate at the end of our eating appointments and always tells us that it's for our souls. She definitely has a sweet tooth.
    I remember Sister Sharp telling a story in Relief Society once that she would write a card to one lady on her visiting teaching list each month and it wasn't until years later but the lady became re-activated and told her that it was because of the cards Sister Sharp sent she was able to get through all the hard times to help her get back to church. In our FHE group this week we talked about Ammon and how he had to serve the King Lamoni before the King was ready to hear the message of the gospel. We explained that the way we react to situations can be the biggest sign for many people how the gospel has helped our lives.

    I hope you guys get to celebrate with Bryan. His favorite cake is a German chocolate cake I believe. It's German something and has coconut I think in the icing somewhere? I think anything fresh and homemade he would enjoy. I'll definitely send Auntie Isobel a letter this week and thank her for everything.

    Well I love you mum. I hope you have a great day at school today with all your little people. Miss you bunches!

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