Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello from Dad

Hey Dad,
  I just tried listening to the memos but it wouldn't play for some reason. I'm sure it was fun to make a recording of doing a stain glass job. I hope WABE takes it and uses it in their sounds of Atlanta segment. Way to go for not having to talk on Sunday. I'm sure that was a relief from last Sunday when you had to talk for 30 minutes.
    We have been having a relly hard time getting into contact with XXXXXX or many of our other investigators, there is a lot of ward drama and tension and now we're down to 3 progressing investigators. This week Sister Tidwell and I will be working really hard to find people who are looking for the gospel and just not knowing where to find it. I asked our district leader for a blessing and he was able to give me one on Wednesday. He said in the blessing that I was an anchor to many of the people here and that the Lord was supportive of me in this work and I am where I need to be. That helped a lot to bring some peace of mind. So I'm doing okay Dad. I'm not upset with myself, I actually am really liking the person I am becoming and the things I am learning. I am very grateful I followed the prompting I felt at 8 years old to go on a mission because it's the best decision I could have ever made for my life.
   Thanks for sending the package. I probably won't get it for another transfer. We are only having zone conference every other transfer now. We just had it so I'll probably get it in October or November. Thanks! I'm really glad Eli has Mr. Donegan. He was the best teacher there and I never had the chance to have him but all my friends loved him. He really made Social Studies a lot of fun.
    I finished the Old Testament this week and started the new. I really love how Matthew is such an Old Testament scholar and points out where all the past prophecy has come to pass in regards to Christ. Especially since I just read all those scriptures. It's neat to see them in context now. I also am in 3 Nephi in German. The German language is so literal that there are some words that really stand out a lot firmer than they would in english. The verb lassen, means to let. there are many other verbs in german that are attached to this one because you have to let yourself do something. And Christ said to the people in the Americas, come and let yourselves be saved. I'm not sure if it comes across the same way in English but it just really struck me how it is our choice whether we are saved or not. Agency plays such a bigger role in the whole plan than I think we often realize.
   Well I hope you have a great week at work and church. Keep being amazing Dad. I Love you, Thanks,
Ariel Nell

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