Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello from Dad

Hey Dad,
  Sorry I just read my emails in the order they come so I've already sent Mums email :) So you get your own. So to tell you who everyone was in the picture. The guy with the loose tie is Bruder Lau, a ward missionary. Our ward mission leader didn't come. The young guy with the earring is Gernot. Schwester Munke is the little lady - me and Sister Tidwell are standing next to. Schwester Mußmann is the white/grey haired lady, Thomas is in a blue suit I think behind me. And the while haired man in a white shirt in the back is President Pawelke, our branch president. Sister Bush is a sister missionary that just finished her mission and was touring the country with her family and we ran into them outside the temple.

   From serving in Celle to Halberstadt there is a drastic difference in peoples beliefs. Celle is in the West where most people still have some kind of faith and it's more normal to have a faith there. In the East, or Halberstadt very few people still believe in God and it's a laughing matter when someone does. The ways the cities are built is also indicative of the kind of government they were under. In the East the people learned a lot of Russian and the West they could choose. One less active member told me that they didn't know what a lot of drugs were until the wall came down because they were just isolated from it. People in the East didn't have colored photos until after the wall. There are lots of little differences.

     That's funny that Elder Giddens knew I'm on a mission. I'm sure he took a look at the plaque.
    I liked your testimony that you gave. We have to be willing for reprove and chastisement in order to get ourselves closer to God. I gave a talk on repentance a while ago and that was a point that I made. I used a scripture in Jeremiah and also the brother of Jared. He was chastised by the Lord for three hours so that the Lord could use him as the tool he needed. I hope everyone caught on to the point you were trying to make.

   I'm so glad Eli has been enjoying football and that you were able to do some stain glass jobs. I'm glad you and Andre get to ride around of Harley's again. Its a neat experience that you two get to share. Our transfer call will be on the 24th of August and then the new transfer will be on the 27th. It's crazy how fast time is flying.

   This week we got to go to Hannover for Presidents interviews. It was nice to talk to president about my concerns for the area and things that we can do to fix them. I was able to pick up my international license on Wednesday and handed over my Georgia one. It was sad to say good bye to my beautiful Georgia license but I'll just get a new one when I get home. I think having a license for life for Europe will come in handy.

   XXXXXX will be getting interviewed and baptized this week so keep him in your prayers. I'm so excited for him! This will be a really wonderful experience for him and I hope will spark an interest in his wife, Rosie to learn more. Thanks for all your love and support Dad!

-Ariel Nell

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