Monday, August 13, 2012

Another day, another dollar

Hey Lyndel,
  I really missed you this week. It would have been really nice to be able to call you and go out and do something together.
     Sister Tidwell and I got to H&M some Mondays but not all. I think she wants to go again today so we'll go. Our FHE lessons -  we come up with all by ourselves. There isn't any book that suggests activities that's why sometimes its so hard. This past week we talked about Ammon and how he had to serve King Lamoni before King Lamoni would be receptive to the gospel. Most of our members are the only members of their families that are members of the church. We explained that they need to follow Ammon's example and serve their families to prepare them for the message of the gospel. Something that is most important is how they react to situations. Ammon was a boss and collected all the sheep and chopped off the robbers arms doing it. That shocked King Lamoni and that's why he chose to listen to Ammon. We taught our members at FHE that they need to react to situations that will help their families recognize how the gospel has helped their lives. This week we'll be talking about Helaman and the stripling warriors. We don't have an activity planned yet. Hopefully we can think of something soon. And then next week is Samuel the Lamanite. I was reading that story in the Book of Mormon in German last night for my language study and it just hit me how cool Samuel is. He is preaching to all the people, some are like, ''Oh, we need to get baptized!'' so they go to Nephi and get baptized and then he's up on the wall and people are trying to hit him with stones and arrows and the lord protects him and then more people are like, ''Oh wait, the Lord is protecting him, we need to be baptized!'' Everyone is just a boss in the Book of Mormon. One day I'll be like Samuel the Lamanite. 
   No, we don't get to watch the Olympics and Germans here don't really care about it. I haven't heard anyone but our Branch President say something about it. XXXXXX's Baptismal interview was a no go. His wife Rosie called the morning of and said XXXXXX had to go to the hospital. There was something wrong with his kidneys. We're going to try and see if we can find out what hospital he is in and go visit him. 
     Something I try to do as I write in my journal is to write as if I'm talking to my future children. Just like the scriptures were written for the prophets, children and us, I want to write to my kids so they can know that mum wasn't perfect but that she always tried to do her best and that she has a testimony of this gospel. It may be weird, but it helps me to keep a focus as I write. 

     So funny tid-bit about me as a missionary. Every time I leave a message on someone's answering machine I want to say, ''In Namen Jesu Christi, Amen.''  at the end EVERY time. I have to be careful it almost slips out like every time! It reminds me of when I was little girl and answered the phone when Val Pyers called and I said ''Dear Heavenly Father''. I think I have the urge to say "In the name of Jesus Christ Amen" at the ends of messages because I'm just talking and saying our thoughts for whatever problem we have at the moment. It just feels like a prayer. It's something I gotta work on. 
   Have a great week! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Sister Tidwell and I this past Saturday sitting in our car eating lunch.

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