Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Worry Be Happy!!! :-) hope you enjoy my singing!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre
I love that Matt wore a sear sucker suit. Way to go! :)
Awww I'm so proud you didn't get kicked out of the game and that you scored a goal!
Whats the name of the hurricane thats coming in?
  We got into contact with XXXXX! So I think on tuesday I just decided to try calling XXXXX one more time and I tried his house phone. XXXX, his wife picked up and handed the phone to XXXXX. He is doing really well, had just gotten out of the hospital and was upset that we couldn't get in contact with him while he was in the hospital. We found out that he got a new cell phone number and forgot to tell us so we made sure to get the new one. We set a new baptismal date for September 23. He was so stressed with no contact with us and having to miss his baptismal date and going to the hospital that he started smoking again. He is only at 15 a day again so thats good. Thats why the new date is a little ways off. 
I am sleeping better, not like a pro but much better, like actually getting some rest. Being senior companion is a little different, especially that Sister Tidwell looks to me for a lot. I try to get her imput on all that we do so that there is not such a divide of who is senior and who is junior. I think the most stressfull thing is deciding what to do when appointments fall out. Sometimes its hard to see what would be the most productive activity with our time. 
    I did ride a short bus :) Sister Tidwell is dying laughing. I hadn't told her I rode a short bus. She said thanks for sharing that story so she could hear it. 
Thanks for singing to me andre, you're funny :)
   There wasn't anything too crazy or exciting this week. We did have transfer calls and Sister Tidwell and I are both staying in Halberstadt. I've set a record for the mission of being in an area the longest and by the end of this next transfer it will be 9 months. Thats so crazy to me but I'm so grateful to stay. These people and this area mean a lot to me and I need Sister Tidwell. Our next transfer call will be on your birthday! What would you like for your birthday? I'm trying to get a package together. If you can think of anything you'd like let me know otherwise I'll find something fabulous :)
  Have a great 3 1/2 day work week. Thanks for all your love and support Andre. Miss you and love you!
-Ariel Nell

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