Monday, August 13, 2012

Sooooo tired! :)

Excerpt from Ariel's Email to Andre

 You're funny. I'm glad you didn't forget to talk or email me.
   This week has been a rough week on the mission. Tuesday morning we got a call from XXXXXX's wife. XXXXXX had to go to the hospital and so our appointment that day was canceled which was the appointment the District Leader was coming for so that he could be interviewed for baptism. We haven't been able to get into contact with him so he is still in the hospital so there was no baptism this week. 

   Everyone seems to be on vacation this week too so yesterday at church we had 5 members there but luckily 6 visitors. We almost didn't have anyone to pass the sacrament but then one of our visitors that came has the priesthood so that was handy. I feel like in larger wards we take advantage of the power of the priesthood but when its hard to come by you truly appreciate it. I think we should know to appreciate it always. I read the talk Elder Bednar gave in the priesthood session of last conference titled The Powers of Heaven. I thought it was really great talk on the importance of the priesthood and the power that all men have to help Gods children. You should read it if you get a chance this week.

    With Frau XXXXXXX  we read about Korihor in the Book of Mormon this past week and when it describes what Korihor taught Frau XXXXXXX just kept saying it was crap. It was really funny but 100% true. He said a bunch of crap, just some people couldn't recognize it. 

    Well I hope you two have a wonderful week. I love you both! 
-Ariel Nell

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