Monday, August 20, 2012

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Ariel's Email to Andre

   We haven't been able to have contact with XXXX or his wife, he doesn't have a new baptismal date and no he never got interviewed for baptism.

       Curtains: So in Germany it is a MUST to have curtains in all your windows. You can tell if someone really doesn't live in an apartment because they'll have no curtains but most of the abandoned buildings still have curtains which makes them look super sketchy.

    Things going with us? It's been rough this week. We have had a lot of fallen out appointments, we're having a really hard time getting in contact with people and we're down to 3 progressing investigators. This week we have a lot of time for finding and hopefully we will be able to find those people who are looking for the gospel just don't know where to find it.

     Sister Tidwell and I are doing great. We wrote an angry epistle for an Elder in our district and it definitely gave me a new appreciation for Alma 54 and angry epistles. Moroni is just so sassy and funny. We were laughing way too hard.

The Concentration camp is more a memorial. I went to one in Prague already, Terezin. We went to the city where the memorial is but couldn't find it. We were also getting followed by some scary man as we were putting our cards in peoples mail boxes so we got out of there fast. I've attached a picture of me in an alley we found in this town. It was REALLY hilly. We talked to a man who was taking a break walking up the hill.

   This week we got into contact with a less active man in our ward. We were able to talk to him for an hour and it was really enlightening. When we came home we looked at the records kept on him and it just made me want to sit all the past missionaries down who had contact with him and have a chat. We can't just hit people over the head with the gospel and expect them to accept it. We HAVE to be patient and just show love for these people first and help them to progress. Everyone will progress if you let them. It just really showed me how important it is to teach with love and the spirit and really think of the needs of the investigators or members first. There is one less active lady here that we visit each week and she calls us often. She told me that I am like a little mother to her and I think thats because I let her explain her concerns and worries and I try to help her through them instead of yelling at her becuase she is inactive and knows what she should be doing. She already knows, it doesn't help to beat the dead horse.

  Okay, I'll get off my high horse now. Thanks for the long voice message and thanks for feeding the sisters! Have a great week at work. Love you guys!
-Ariel Nell

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