Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello hello

   It's crazy all the things that you and Michael are up to. I hope you guys have fun at the temple this week. Enjoy your time together and with the Lord!
   I think these next few months are going to go by way fast. It kind of scares me but also excites me to think of the adventures I will have. Oh! I have to say thank you so much for the skirt and the oboe stuff package! The skirt fit perfectly and is the best bike riding skirt ever! I wore it this past week and a less active commented that I got a new skirt. Even she noticed :) Thanks so much. Please do give my anthropologie coats some love this winter. Whenever I think of the clothes I have at home it makes me sad because they're all so lovely just sitting there having no fun. I'm glad you can take them out on the town every now and again. 
   I'm glad you're loving work more and more! It's really neat how far you've been able to go in the big people world. Super cool! You do seem to get the lessons no one wants to teach but also probably because you're the best at teaching it. I think its funny you weren't able to talk about anything specific. That's where people get confused and it causes problems. I just like being blunt and honest, then you know no one is confused or misunderstood anything. 

   So exciting news this week.... We were dooring in Veckenstedt and came to this one door and two men across the street yelled to us that no one lived there so we said okay and walked over to them and started talking to them about the gospel. One of them was not interested at all and laughed at us but the other, XXXXXX really listened to us, enjoyed learning about the Book of Mormon from the pictures in the front and asked a bunch of deep, long conversation questions and so we asked if we could come back. He said YES! So we went back on Saturday and had a long but good discussion with him about faith and hope. At the end of our lesson we asked if we could come back and he said yes because God was with us and so talking to us he can know what God wants him to do! Super neat. I hope he'll listen more to us and take the advice we're giving. He read Alma 32 and LOVED it! Can you say new progressing investigator? I think YES! :)
    For FHE we've been going through the Book of Mormon stories. This past Tuesday was Abinidi. We talked about how even though fires of adversity come our faith can help us blow out the flames. We lit tea-light candles for all the things that represent our adversity and then blew them out. It was a neat lesson but they were having a hard time paying attention. Sometimes it's like teaching a bunch of 5 year olds, they all need your attention. This week is Ammon. We don't have an activity yet. Hopefully one will come to us soon!
     I'm glad Michael is getting all registered for classes! When does school start for him? Sister Tidwell and I find little successes each week. We are really enjoying working together and love to laugh at all the crazy things we experience. It's been fun. Thanks for all your love and support Lyndel. Have a fabulous week and have fun at work! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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