Monday, August 6, 2012

No kids for us...dogs are enough!

Excerpts from Ariel's email to Andre


  Congratulations to Ben and Yara! In German, Luke is Lukas so thats neat :) Make sure you help Ben out and offer the support you can. I'm glad that you were able to give him a blessing.

  Ooo! Soccer! Andre, what the heck. DO NOT DIE OR GET SICK. That's a commandment. Tell your siatic nerve to get on the boat and stop hurting or I'm going to come and punch it in the face. Don't mess with me nerve.

   Minnesota Viking. A defensive lineman? Is he going to be the man that pushes the others guys out of the way so the quarterback can run the ball or throw it?

   How did you enjoy babysitting the little girls? Uh huh! I prayed to Heavenly Father that everyone's wombs would be shut until July. So don't you worry, I've already thought about all this. Heavenly Father is on my side :)

     Well this week we had a lot of fun teaching lots of people. Thursday evening we were sitting on the door stoop of a member's apartment building when these four little kids came up to us and asked a whole bunch of questions. They wanted to know what we were doing here in Halberstadt. We explained that we are missionaries and we teach people about God. One of the 9 year old girls asked me, ''Is there really a God?'' It was such a cool experience to be able to tell this little girl that God exisits and that she is his daughter and he loves her. I wish I had more opportunities to teach the children. It opened my eyes to why Jesus Christ spent so much time teaching the children.

    At ASB, the dementia home we do service at, we played a game with the old ladies and one of the questions asked was,  "Were your parents believers?" It's assumed that no one believes in God and it's like an annomally if peoples parents believed in God too. It's like its a joke or something. I just found it really interesting the attitude even the older generation has to faith and religion.

   This week XXXXX has his baptismal interview on Tuesday and then his baptism on Sunday. I'm sooo excited! I'm so proud of him for the progress he has made. I kind of feel like I'm sending my baby out into the real world now.

   Well I hope you two have a fabulous week! I love you both and I'll talk to ya'll later. Thanks for all your love and support!
-Ariel Nell

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