Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello my dear sister

Hey Lyndel,

  I'm excited for Michael to start his first full week of school! Is he excited too? I was thinking about you guys and Anita and Peter and the girls this week knowing that they were going to be sealed. I am so glad that everything went well for them and that they were able to have a wonderful experience. All the fun exercising you've been doing is making me jealous! I really miss swimming and wearing pants. 
   This week as been another difficult week. We haven't been able to get into contact with Holger or other investigators of ours. People have been missing or dropping their appointments. We are now down to three progressing investigators. This week we have a lot of time for finding so hopefully we will be able to make out some new appointments and find some people who are really ready to accept the gospel in their lives. The ward is doing good. There is still a lot of drama but it is slowly dying down. We had a lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy from the teachings of George Albert Smith yesterday and how the Sabbath is a day of rest and comfort and for us here its probably the most stressfull day of the week. The Lord definitely means rest from our worldly cares and to take care of his children. 
   So I got bit by some mutant mosquito this past week on my arm. It got really puffy and swollen. So I showed Schwester Munke at our dinner appointment Friday night. She left the dinner table and ran out to get the ''best remedy'' she said. She came back, rubbed it on my arm and then let me look at the bottle. It was hand sanitizer. It just made me and Sister Tidwell giggle. 
   Our district leader had to get a small surgery two weeks ago so it meant he was going to be bed ridden for a few weeks. We asked his companion what they were going to do while they were stuck at home and he said,''What are we NOT going to do?! Probably write angry epistles to Lamanite Kings.'' So Sister Tidwell and I spent this past week putting an angry epistle together for him. We gave it to him at zone conference and he looked like a little boy at chirstamas. It was soo funny. It definitely gave me a new appreciation for Alma 54. Thats such a funny chapter. Sister Tidwell and I were crying with laughter. I'll attach a picture of what we wrote. It's adapted from Moroni's letter. 
   Well I hope you have a magnificent week. We have transfer call on Saturday. These weeks are flying by. I can't believe it. I Love you bunches! Thanks for everything Lyndel!
-Ariel Nell
My district at Zone conference

Our epistle before we rubbed dirt on it and burned the edges

Me and Sister Tidwell in Veckenstedt

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