Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!

Hey Andre!

   I too was thinking about coming home as soon as I got into the MTC. I'm not trunky as Mum thinks. I just had a really hard week last week where it would have been nice to talk to someone from home. Missions aren't easy you know and then when you have those weeks that are like acids trips they're even more crazy. Anyways, I'm not distracted rather ready to see some people grow closer to their Savior. XXXXX got REALLY sick this past week. She finally called us last night to say she was feeling much better. The snow has finally melted so we are praying that we will be able to give her a church tour so that she becomes less scared of coming to church and has the courage to come. We are hoping to be able to visit her tonight if she is feeling up to it.

    Well last Monday, as soon as we were headed out to go do missionary work we got doored into by Jehovah witnesses. That was funny. Now I know what its like to be on the other side of the door. They gave us a book about what the bible really teaches but its scary looking so I put it in the recycling. Then later this week we were meeting with a lady and her door bell went off. She went to the door to see who it was and she goes,'' Oh, the Jehovah witnesses are here!'' I was so afraid that she'd let them in and then they'd fight with us. Sister Dean and I quickly got our coats on but then she told them she had besuch (vistors) so they just dropped a book off. They seem to be following us or something.

    I have heard about the new Come Follow Me program and I really love it. I think the best way to learn is through discussions. That's something I love about teaching XXXXX. She keeps her commitments so well that she has lots of questions and we can discuss the gospel as opposed to telling her the gospel. Do you know what I mean? When people don't keep their commitments it is so much harder to teach them because they didn't prepare themselves for the new information but XXXXX is totally excited to learn new information and READY for it. What does Eli think of the new program?    

Your soft investigators idea is a great idea. We quasi do it now and started to really kick up the gear of not spending so much time this past transfer with those who don't keep their commitments. It really does help when we do stop by because usually they prayed us there or had some spiritual experience that prepared them to keep going. Its neat :)

Transfers are this Saturday. We will have our conference  call at 9am and then I'll let you all know on Monday. I don't think too much will change because we are sort of on a low for sister missionaries right now. An area has to get closed for a bit.

    My knee is doing okay. It is still numb and sore but it is slowly going away. I don't kneel on it still and when I did on Saturday it got very hot so I stopped. Sister Dean and I were invited for tea and cake with XXXXX parents and her sister. We have seemed to make a huge impression on her family. Her Mum is reading in the plan of salvation pamphlet and said that we could call her today and set up an appointment with them. XXXX also gave us the name and number of someone she knew who was interested in meeting with us. We are praying for some new people to find and teach this week.

    We had a rough time with Bruder XXXX this week. He is at the point where he knows he has to do something before we can help him move forward. It is very hard to watch people make silly choices.

  Thanks for your love and support Andre. I'm working hard and plan to do it until the end. I love you very much!

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