Monday, February 4, 2013

Barbie Doll was invented 1959

Hey Daddy,
  Thanks for all the funny jokes about missionary work. It's so true, the missionary bladder is an amazing thing. I've gone 10 hours without peeing once just because there was no bathroom. One p-day a week is very accurate ;) Thanks for all the anniversarys for today. Who knew today would be so special and important? We do have transfers this week. We receive the call on Saturday. I don't think too much will get changed because we're running low on sisters right now. I'm glad Eli has taken an interest in the Elders right now. He needs real live missionaries in his life to continue to give him the desire to serve a mission himself. I'm glad to hear that the Elders y'all have are really good workers.

   XXXXXXXX is from Lyberia and I have no idea what language she speaks. I don't think the church has the Book of Mormon in her native tongue or we would have already gotten it. We did order the Book of Mormon in English on CD this past week. The mission only gives them out in MP3 files because CD files are too big but XXXXXXXX's DVD player doesn't play MP3 files so we ordered her the CD's. They should get here in two weeks or so. 
    We have district conference this next Sunday. I'm excited to see all the members of our district and President Kosak. Because we're not a real stake President Kosak presides over the meeting. Neat huh? It's another good way to get to spend time with him. As to your talk I think talking about the joy that living the gospel brings is a great example. And I have a great story that you call tell everyone. So ever since I arrived here in Bremerhaven Sister Dean and I had been trying to contact the XXXXXXXXX family. We stopped by lots of times but never were we able to get into contact with them. Also not with phone. Well this past Saturday we had some appointments fall out and Sister Dean said that we need to go by on the XXXXXXXXX family so we rode our bikes to their house. It looked like they were home so we were excited. We rang the door bell and Schwester XXXXXXXXX answered the door. She happily invited us in and told us we could take off our coats. As we were doing that we heard familiar voices. Bruder and Schwester Pitari were there doing their home teaching. Bruder Pitari told us that he had just mentioned to the XXXXXXXXX's that there were Sisters in Bremerhaven and that he could send us by sometime. And then the door bell went off and we were standing there. On Sunday in Elders Quorum when Bruder Pitari was sharing this spritiual experience he said that it hadn't been 5 minutes later and then we klingeled. We had no idea that they would be there and Bruder Pitari was last at their house 2 1/2 years ago. He shared with the quorum that it showed him that when we truly are trying to do the work of the Lord that he guides and directs us and answers our prayers. It showed Sister Dean and myself that miracles really happen each day, we just have to make sure that we are ready to fulfill them. We thought it was simply a good ''idea'' to visit the XXXXXXXXX family but what we learned is that we were really guided a directed by the Spirit so that we could enter their home. Because we stopped by when we did we were able to have a wonderful discussion with Bruder and Schwester XXXXXXXXX and help them remember the reasons why they joined the church and the testimonies that they have. It brings us to much joy to serve people because thats the essence of the gospel of Christ. He served others. This experience also showed me how powerful member and missionary efforts, when combined together, really are. The missionaries can't do it without the members and vice versa.
    I hope that helps.  It was a neat experience for the both of us. I'm continuing to keep my focus. Thanks for the encouragement Dad. For employment when I get back. I would like to have a steady job and not just so many babysitting jobs, as fun as they are. I wasn't sure if Amy Orlin's animal business would have any openings or if Andy Orlin knew of anything. I thought maybe I could help out with German movees with Andy's company or just run around doing busy work. Whatever you think Dad. I'm really trying to focus now on strengthening my own testimony and faith as I grow to know Jesus Christ a lot better. This past week I had the opportunity to give a lesson in our district meeting. I chose to talk about Faith in Christ and something that I've come to see is that Faith in Christ is directly related to our understanding of the enabling power of the atonement. Elder Bednar gave a fabulous talk about it that was quoted in the April 2012 Liahona. I would really suggest it if you haven't already read it. Anyways, thats what I am working on to keep staying focused and engaged.
   Thanks for all your love and support Dad! Let me know what I can do for you. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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