Monday, February 4, 2013

All quiet on Super Bowl Sunday.

Hey Mum!

    The Producers wasn't offensive to me, but funny. But I think the people here would be very offended since Hitler was an Austrian and not a German. Hence the animosity between the two countries.

    That's so fun that you all get to spend Spring Break with the Alders again and that David will be coming as well. I've been thinking about Cape San Blas alot lately. I'm sorry that you feel like its not right to go without the whole family. That's so neat Eli has taken up long boarding and is so good at it. I feel like he is just full of talents. I had a dream last night that you were having Eli again and that it was taking too long and I was getting anxious. It's like what really happened. It was taking too long so I went to bed ( and he was only born at 10:36pm so it really didn't take THAT long). Ha :) It's cool that Eli uses the long board to travel all over the place. What a fun thing to do.

   Mum we are really safe, don't worry. The extreme situation is not as scary as you think it may be. I'll just explain everything when I come home. We are working hard at finding new people and a little frustrated at times because its like the weeks are taking crazy pills now instead of the people. For the first time in my mission we weren't there for sacrament meeting because of an emergency with one of our investigators during church. We brought two members with us and they really helped us a lot. Members are so important to missionary work its impossible to describe. Sister Dean and I had a neat experience contacting a less active family right after their home teacher who was with them mentioned us and then voilà, we appear. It was a really neat experience for everyone and hopefully we can now help this family come back to church.

    My knee is feeling better just still sore and definitely not ready for me to kneel on it. My nerve endings weren't severed just whacked so hard I killed or stunned the ends. The doctor missionary said they will come back, that it'll just take a while. My wrist hurts doing yoga whenever I had to do the downward dog thing or other moves where your arms support you. All the pressure goes to my wrists.

    XXXXXXX has been really sick this week and so we weren't able to meet with her at all. Bruder XXXXXX is having ups and downs. Lately he has been in a very big down and it causes problems with his progression. People have to want to progress before they can. It's heartbreaking sometimes.

   Oh! Annette contacted me and asked if I'd like to live with her at school as well as a friend of hers. I told her I'd talk to you guys about it. I think it would be fun a really good environment to live with Annette. She is really good. And I would not send any more packages. The last time I'll be able to pick up a package is in the end of March  and then the next time I come into contact with the office mail is when I am in the office to go home.

  Thanks for all the love and support that you offer Mum. And thanks for reading the Book of Mormon with us. I really appreciate that. Have fun teaching your class with Dominique and have fun at school! Love you!

-Ariel Nell

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