Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

  I love that you know just how stressful Sundays are. I don't think members really realize how stressful Sundays really are when you are a missionary. They're like game day. Gotta have our game faces on! I'm super excited that you, Ellen, Lyndel, and Michael will be parents to the youth as they do their trek.
What a fun trek they'll be from the capital to the Temple. That will definitely be a life changing experience for them. When are you all doing it? If it'll be going on when I'm home I'd love to help! Let me know if I can!
  Thanks for taking care of all the LSU stuff.
   Transfers were way good. I am staying here in Bremerhaven and will be training and sister dean is headed to Berling-Marzahn to open a new area for sisters and will be training there. I am excited to train and for the change just a little nervous about training. The first companion always makes a big impact on the way a persons mission goes so I hope I can help her have a great start and a teach her some good habits :)

   This week I got into a car accident, Mumma has the story as well as dad. I got my hair cut Monday, we had district conference yesterday and that was good. We got dropped by an investigator. We went by for our appointment and when we showed up he came out to meet us and said that he didn't want any relationship with any church and gave us back the Book of Mormon. He was more concerned that we would take it personally. That's always a let down. Hopefully this week we can find lots of new people. We need them.
   Have a great week Andre and I'll be sure to send prayers your way. I love you! Be good this week :)
-Ariel Nell

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