Monday, February 25, 2013

Springtime in February

Hey Lyndel!
   I'm so glad that you and Michael have been able to help the missionaries out so much. I really would like to be a joint teach for them when I come home. I really loved going out with the sisters before my mission in Atlanta and the Elders in Louisiana. Teaching people about the gospel is really amazing and one of the best parts is seeing it change their life. I'm glad Margaret still remembers who I am, I plan on sending her another letter this week. XXXXXXX is booking it through the Book of Mormon. We called her Monday evening and she told us she was in Alma 11. She is so touched by the testimonies of the prophets. We had a serious conversation about baptism and she said that she knows she needs to but the first step is that she needs to come to church. Sister Dean was able to call her and she told Sister Dean that she was going to go to church and have a church tour. XXXXXXX is scared of strangers so the fact that she is pushing herself to take these steps are amazing.

   Sister Openshaw, or Kylee went home in November. I still keep in contact with her. She is having a blast teaching little people in an elementary school for her last semester of student teaching. Sister Stewart, or Priscilla is also student teaching Art to 4th graders. Sister Tidwell is double training right now in Dresden, and Sister Dean is in Marzahn. I actually have had companions that I had a hard time getting along with but I just worked through it. Some days I thought I would go crazy but in the end you learn to love everyone you serve with. It's not so much weird training someone as it is stressful. I have the strongest desire to work at full throttle until I come home, I want to be the best missionary I can but with someone new you have to ease them into the work. Sister Jensen is tired a lot and sometimes just doesn't have the desire to go out in the rain or snow or cold and talk to people. I can totally understand that. What normal person does? So I try to make sure to give her little breaks here and there to ease her into the work. At the beginning of the week she wasn't dooring and yesterday she was! We're making progress and she is doing a great job. I really love all the things that I am learning from here. She has a lot of new and fresh ideas.

   You don't make me trunky, no worries. I've been excited to come home since the day Mum and Millie dropped me off at the air port. I miss the family but the more I come to the end of my time the more I understand that I'm going to miss Germany and the people and the members and the language. I need to find a bunch of Germans in Georgia and just hang out with them and eat rotkohl (red cabbage) and potatoes.

   Thanks for helping out the other missionaries. I look up to you Lyndel and I'm really grateful for all that you've taught me and continue to teach me! Have a great week! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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