Monday, February 25, 2013

The long and winding road

  Ammon cutting off the arms is awesome! Ha! Not if it happened to me but it's a good story and shows that when we serve others that's often when they become more receptive to hear the gospel message. I'm glad that you and Dad get to read the scriptures together. We visited a less active family this week and we committed them to read and pray as a husband and wife and also as a family. It's so very helpful to study and pray as a companionship in a marriage but also just a normal one on the mission. If you don't have the Lord guiding the two of you it's very difficult to know what to do.

   Sorry Eli is being a little crazy teenager but just know that one day it'll all calm down. You're doing a great job and he really is a good kid. Don't forget we all were (and still are) crazy and hormonal. He sent me an email and is really doing a great job talking to friends and his teachers about the church. He talked to Frau Alexander about the church and she said she likes Mormons because her first neighbors in the US were Mormons. Who would of thought? Whether you recognize it or not Eli is learning lots from you and Dad and doing really well.

  How did your lesson go in Relief Society? I'm glad you got to talk to Auntie Jean.  Sorry the apartment hunt for me is so hard. I'm glad that we have Annette though. She is a talented lady and is great at getting the job done. I'm excited to get to live with her next year. The pioneer trek sounds so fun. Isn't Andre doing it too?  Make sure to take some fabulous pictures.

   Sister Jensen and I are slowly finding our working rhythm. It's hard when the language is still a barrier for her but last night we spent time labeling things in our apartment so she could learn those words. She can speak a lot more than she can understand so we've got into this routine of me translating the questions people ask into English so that she can also participate when she wants. The best would be to talk to her all the time in German but I fear that will just put a rut between the two of us and not help her have an enjoyable start to the mission. Everything is so delicate.

   I REALLY do love my angel lady. I have here standing next to the pictures of the family sitting on my desk. I thought she was a missionary lady too taking the gospel to everyone so we were on the same page :) Thanks Mumma.

  Well this week we went to Bremen and did a street display with the 4 Elders there as well as some members from the Bremen ward. There was a taxi man watching us as he sat in his car across the street. Sister Jensen pointed him out to me so I grabbed a Restoration pamphlet and she and I went over to him. We talked to him about his beliefs about Jesus Christ and then explained to him the restoration and that God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. His eyes got so big and the spirit was so strongly testifying of what I was saying was true I about started crying which I don't seem to do too much on the mission. It was such a neat experience and the man said after that that he just loves Jesus. We made out an appointment with him and gave him a Turkish Book of Mormon as well as the Restoration pamphlet. We went back to the other side of the street and that man stayed in his car for the next 30 minutes or so just reading the Book of Mormon. I'm really excited to see what happens with his appointment with the Elders next week.

    I hope you have a great week Mumma. I love you and am so very grateful for your support! Don't forget to smile! You're looking great! Especially when sporting that Purple and Gold :)
-Ariel Nell

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