Monday, February 18, 2013

Almost the end of February and it's finally getting cold like the winter!

Hey Lyndel!
   Michael is so funny. I'm glad that he treated you to a home made dinner for Valentine's Day. It sounds lovely. The mission president was the first to know about the accident last week and the accident wasn't super serious so I'm assuming that's why he didn't call to tell any of you. I immediately was able to get up and walk so it was more just bruises and a sore conscious.  The lady has gotten in trouble with her insurance. They have to pay more car insurance now and their insurance company is paying to repair my bike. She was just calling because she was really nice and wanted to know how I was doing.

   XXXXXXX is doing great. She's in Mosiah 7 and thinks King Benjamin is a boss. We're working on getting her to church. We had a serious conversation about baptism last night and she said she has been trying to decide when she should get baptized. She said she knows she needs to but is not sure when to commit to it. She was REALLY sad when she had to say goodbye to Sister Dean, like she cried a lot. But she has taken really well to my new companion.

   I am training Sister Jensen from Orem, Utah. She is really a wonderful missionary. Definitely cool, not lame. She has so many great ideas and isn't afraid to just jump into the work. She is a little nervous to do doors right now but I'm just trying to lead by example. I explain how to do things, demonstrate them and invite her to do them. She didn't want to on Friday, but it also was only her second day in Germany so this week for sure. She is a pleasure to study and work with and her German is such a real miracle that the Lord blesses his servants with the gift of tongues.

   I tried contacting the girl at the bus stop but she didn't answer her phone. This week though. Keep her in your prayers! I've got no random stories this week. Maybe...I was dooring and talking to a man at the door, he said he wasn't interested, so I asked him if he knew anyone who would be, he said no, and then I wished him a good evening and he goes,'' Just leave already, go, bye!'' Poor guy, he found me just a little annoying :)

   I hope you have a great week and enjoy bunco with your girlfriends. I love you bunches Lyndel!
-Ariel Nell

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