Monday, February 11, 2013

Ward Conference Sunday

  Your experience with that photo is amazing! That's so neat how the Lord works through all his children to take care of all his children. Way to go to listening to the spirit. It was definitely no coincidence. As I've been out on my mission I have really come to learn how the Spirit talks to me and teaches me. Before my mission I could recognize the large promptings of the Spirit but I noticed yesterday as I was sitting in our district conference that I can really feel the little promptings. The ones where when we aren't paying close enough attention we will miss. It was really a great experience and I was very grateful that Heavenly Father has the patience with me to teach me.

   What was your experience in teaching XXXXX. You didn't share what happened but I am so excited that he wants the Elders to come back and talk to him more. He is such a humble man and truley ready for the gospel. You're a great example to me Dad! Thanks!
   I had no idea that Aunt Francis died. Did that happen this past week? I was actually telling XXXXXXX about Aunt Francis this past week. I'm glad that you were able to visit with your cousins and to celebrate the life of Aunt Francis.   

    Well Tuesday night I got hit by a car while riding across the cross walk. Here is the story: I was riding my bike Tuesday night crossing a main intersection that is not too far from our apartment. Sister Dean rode across before me and I was behind her a normal distance. I saw the light was green and that there was a car waiting at the cross walk for us to cross. Right as I was in front of the car the car started going again and drove right into me and my bicycle. I naturally was hit to the ground with my bike. This time I hit my right knee, my right elbow, and my left calf. The passenger of the car got out and began yelling at me as I was picking myself up. Sister Dean heard me scream as the car hit me and ran over immediately to see if I was okay. She was asking all the important questions like if I hurt myself and was I alright and the lady was still yelling. Sister Dean told the lady very politely that we wished her a nice evening in hopes that she would leave. Sister Dean then called the police and they arrived and questioned everyone and directed us to go to the hospital so I could be medically examined. The driver and the passenger had to stay a little while longer with the police. As we were leaving the police were taking ´pictures of the front of the car so I guess I dented it and marked it up with my bike. Sister Dean and I went to Saint Josephs hospital. There I had my bloody knee cleaned up. In my left calf I had a lump of blood that was swelling and hurting and had already bruised my leg. The doctors just put some cooling gel on it and then wrapped my leg. We then went upstairs and I got 7 x-rays taken of my legs (3 on my right and 4 on my left) and then the doctor said I just needed to not walk on my leg the next day and to rest. So we went home. I was feeling okay Tuesday evening but Wednesday I felt sick all over. My whole body just ached. After I was hit by the car I was shaking really bad. Sister Dean asked if I was cold and I said I wasn't sure and she said she wasn't and it wasn't cold outside so I was probably just shaking from shock. Anyways I'm doing much better, My knee is almost healed, I'm walking, and just have a bunch of little bruises all over. The lady who yelled lots called us Wednesday morning at 8:30 to see how I was doing. She said she couldn't sleep the whole night because she was so worried. Since then she has called two more times to double check on me and my health. Very nice of her. Now I've just got to fill out insurance forms so that the car drivers insurance company pays to fix the minor damage to my bike. The Lord really does protect his servants!  I'm doing much better now so no worries!

   Thursday night sister Dean and I were waiting at a bus stop laughing with one another when a girl came up to us and asked, "Are you from America?" and then noticed our missionary badges and said,"You're Mormons! I want to go to church! What time does it start?'' Her name is XXXXXX and she had done a year study abroad in Utah. She never went to church when she was growing up but when she lived with a member family in Utah she went every week, even went to girls camp with the young womens and did a Trek. She absolutely loved going to church there and is way excited to visit us here. It was such a miracle and certainly someone that we wouldn't have been able to find without the help of Heavenly Father.

   We had transfers and found out that Sister Dean and I will both be training. She is leaving and will be opening up a new area in Berlin-Marzahn and I will be training in Bremerhaven. I am excited but also a little nervous! I will be traveling to Berlin Wednesday and Thursday and will pick up my new companion on Thursday. Then the two of us will ride the train back the 5 or so hours to Bremerhaven. The poor girl is going to be exhausted. I'm excited to get to know a knew person and help her develop into the missionary she wants to be.

   I hope you have a great week Dad! I am so grateful for you and your example. I miss you tons! Love you,

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