Monday, February 4, 2013

Another week done

Hey Lyndel!
  Your Young Women's lessons always sound awesome. I'm so proud of you and love bragging to our members about my awesome family :) In a good way of course. That's crazy you haven't cut your hair in so long. My hair is nasty and I plan to cut it today if we can find a not so scary salon. I'm so sick of long hair. So many people keep saying it's so pretty but I just keep thinking of Geoff and Jenn Frost and wanting to visit them so they can make my hair short and normal again. Speaking of what people say...three times this week from three different people I was told I look sick and that I need to put some blush on my face. Man if anything, that's causes the opposite reaction in me. I was so angry. I told one of them that if the sun would shine I wouldn't look so sick. Bah! Sister Dean said she doesn't know why people think I look sick. What a great companion she is :)

   I'm excited to get letters from the Sandy Springs ward. Whoever sends me letters I always write them back so hopefully they'll enjoy all the return letters. XXXXXXX was REALLY sick this past week and so we only visited her Monday. She blazed through Jacob. She said Jacob 5 was the best chapter she had ever read. That she say it playing in her head like a movie and wanted to tell the servant to do things to the vineyard or not. And she thought the story of Jacob and Sherem in Jacob 7 was AWESOME. She thought he was really dumb for fighting against the gospel and thought Jacob was a boss. If only everyone could have the excitement that she has about the Book of Mormon. It makes teaching her soooo much fun :) We hopefully will be allowed to visit her tonight and so then we can make out a church tour appointment. This lady needs to get to church!
    XXXXXXX got the Richard Simmons workout videos from her sister who lives in America so its actually Americans that still use them and not Germans, ha! :) You're so right about promises in our pratriarchal blessings. That's something that really helps me to get through hard times is when I re-read mine and am reminded of the promises Heavenly Father promised me as I endure in righteousness. It definitely gives me the strength to keep going. 
  We didn't tract into any new investigators. We seemed to have had a lot more lessons with members this week. It was also the end of the month so we were running low with money. We were able to pay one way to an appointment and then had to bike the 20 kilometers ( almost 12.5 miles) back to Bremerhaven. It was a wonderful ride and really opened my eyes to how ENORMOUS our area is. Pray for us that we can find those who are ready for the gospel this week. We sure are praying for it. We have about 35-40 members that come to church each week and maybe 70 that are inactive. We do have transfers this Saturday so next Monday I'll let you all know what the results are!

    Thanks for being such a help to the Elders in our ward. It really helps them continue in their work. I love you bunches! Thanks for all your help Lyndel. Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

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