Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy President's Day!


 You're just too sweet :) i'm glad that you treated Ellen to a great dinner and some lovely gifts on valentines day. I actually forgot it was valentines day until I saw an elder give President Kosak some flowers and chocolates. It was too funny. I think in germany they just give each other cards but nothing bigger than that. I'm not quite sure. I'll ask. Its not so big here as it is in America.

   Training is way fun. I'm training Sister Jensen. She is from Orem, Utah. Before her mission she took chinese so German was a big shock for her. She is really a great missionary filled with AMAZING ideas. Its so neat to see how strong the spirit is with her and the excitement she brings to the work. When I was brand new they used to call us ''goldens'' because we had this golden power in teaching and our missionary work. I really have seen that with Sister Jensen. Whenever she opens her mouth to teach in german the spirit is so strong behind every word she says. It even happens during planning. Its cool. The ward has been super warm in welcoming her to Germany and people have been speaking the little german they have that i didn't even know they had.

    She is a great teacher even with her limited german (all of 9 weeks). And she has no inhibitions. Our first evening here was a little crazy trying to get home but a man helped us and she just began teaching him the gospel, first day in germany. She's a boss :)

    When I get her to start the lessons then I can give my imput and let her know the direction the lesson is going. If I talk all the time its hard for her to keep up and follow the conversation. So we are working on a good balance. Sometimes I have to explain to investigators. We stopped by XXXXX and taught her about how she is like jospeh smith and has faith in trials. I called XXXXX that evening and she asked what Sister Jensen was trying to tell her because she didn't quite get it but had been thinking about Jospeh Smith the whole day. Haha :)

   Health wise I'm doing good. I got a nasty cold this week (claudia says I'm the mother ship of bacteria) but Its almost gone, just some coughing and sneezing, and a stuffy nose. Good luck to Ellens dad!
 Andre, I'm grateful you married Ellen too. She is perfect for you and our family! I already do love her and am sooo glad you got yourself a missionary woman! :) Kudos to you!

    Have a great week andre nicholas! Thanks for all the help that you are with my schooling and such. I love you big!
-Ariel Nell

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