Monday, February 11, 2013

Rainy night in Georgia

Hey Lyndel!
  You guys are horrible to that poor new missionary, although thats hilarious! No, not too many pranks get played. The Elders are meaner to each other than the sisters. I only hid in my friends closets in the MTC and jumped out when they opened it up. That was funny, but from what I have heard there are no pranks amongst the Sisters. 
   I got your package yesterday with the two other madwell shirts. Thanks soooo much. This week was way busy. XXXXXXX is doing well but we gotta work on getting her to church. She has a fear of strangers. She had to put her dog joy to sleep this past Wednesday. Well, Wednesday I took a nap because I was feeling way sick and woke up after having a dream about her dog Joy. I knew Joy was dead but I saw her anyways. I called XXXXXXX to tell her about my dream and she said that she had been praying to God all day to know if joy got to him safely or not and that my dream was her answer. She was very emotional but very happy to know that I saw her in my dream and was able to put her at peace. 
  I got my hair cut on Monday and the lady who cut my hair told me thanks because she had such a fun time. XXXXXXX was sad that I didn't bring the hair home to her and let her glue it to her head to give her more hair. HAha!
   Sister Dean and I met a girl at the bus stop this past week who loves the church because of a study a broad she did in Utah. She is really excited to visit the church here and we are very excited to start teaching her!
  Sorry this email is short but I'm running out of time. I got into a car accident so be sure to get the story from Mum.  Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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