Monday, February 18, 2013

February 17th

Hey Dad,
  I'm sorry that I made you almost have a heart attack. I immediately thought of you all and how it was Tuesday night so you wouldn't find out until Monday and then have a week to sit on it. It really was not as bad as it sounds and yes the mission President was the first to hear about it. He called to make sure I was doing okay and wanted me to call after the hospital visit. I don't have the actual police report but I have the police report number and the address of the police that made the report. I have the address, phone number, name, license plate number, and car type of the person who hit me. I have been working with the insurance company this past week. I had to fill out a questionnaire and draw a picture and have been talking with their representative. He said that I just need to submit the receipt for my bike repairs and he will send me the money. The hospital report from the x-rays said that everything was fine and the doctors wanted to take the x-rays just in case so all the 7 x-rays have been submitted to the police report as well as the doctors note, which I also have a copy of. The people who hit me are at fault. Their insurance has been raised and I believe they also have to pay a fine. In Germany we have special bike lanes and pedestrian lanes so we are legally allowed to ride across intersections and on the roads in our special bike lanes. I don't think I should have any problems later on in life due to this accident. The doctor said that the clot, if it was still hurting two days later, that we needed to come back. But it feels really good, it doesn't hurt any more, and the bruising has turned yellow. My knees are the only things that are sore so I try not to kneel on them. The one being still sore from my first accident. The pain from when I fell on the iced rode was much worse than getting hit by a car.

    I do have my new companion. Her name is Sister Jensen and she is from Orem, Utah. She studied Chinese in high school so German was a shock for her. She is doing a great job though and has so many gifts of teaching the gospel in her limited vocabulary. I have really enjoyed learning from her and working together to help her grow.

   I was able to share your experience with the photo as we taught Bruder and Schwester XXXXXXXX, the couple that will be getting sealed in March. It was a wonderful example to show that the Lord prepares ways for his prepared children to get his work done. Have you been able to submit the names yet? The missionaries working with XXXXX sound really inspired. It's so neat that they knew exactly what to ask; the same question he was asking himself.

   Lyndel said there are a bunch of missionaries out from our ward now. Who is out? I only know of me and Belen and Aubree. The picture of Bloomingdales is very cool.

  So this week was actually really productive considering we had less time to do missionary work in Bremerhaven due to traveling. We are have trouble with Bruder XXXXXX as he is suffering from many problems that he struggles to come to terms with and it's hard for him to reach out for help. We have one girl on baptismal date but she keeps canceling all our appointments. It's frustrating. I'm not quite sure how to give her a desire to learn more. That's the point though, I can't. She has to do it but we can help her feel the spirit. Maybe Sister Jensen is the Key.

   I hope you have a great week Dad. I love you very much!
-Ariel Nell

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