Monday, February 18, 2013

I believe there are angels among us........

   I'm sorry everyone had a conniption fit. It really wasn't as bad as it sounded. We are legally allowed to rid the bikes across the intersections here because there are special bike lanes. That's why the car is at fault. My body was more sore from shock and then my legs but other than that its fine. This week I came down with a cold as did Sister Dean but it is almost gone so no worries.

  Getting to Berlin WAS an adventure. So Wednesday we went to our district meeting in Bremen and then continued later that day on to Leipzig where we spent the night with the Sisters there. It was so much fun to see a big city and to help the other two Sisters teach a lesson that evening. Thursday morning we continued on to Berlin where we had training for the trainers and then met all the new missionaries and were assigned with who we would be training. I have been blessed with Sister Jensen from Orem, Utah and she is just a boss. We had quite a difficult time getting home Thursday as there was a train accident in Bremen so no trains could travel through or out. So from Berlin we rode to Hamburg, then Hamburg to Bremen Obenneuland ( the stop before the main Bremen station) and then from there took a random bus to a Straßenbahn to central station then a bus to Bremen-burg. Then a train from Bremen-burg home and a member came and picked us up. We didn't end up getting home until 11:00pm (so 7 hours of traveling). A really nice gentleman began helping us as we had to get on the first bus and he ended up helping us all the way till we got on the second bus. Sister Jensen immediately began talking to him about the gospel and just started teaching him. No worries that she was super jet lagged she just went ahead and started fulfilling her calling. It was a really neat experience and set a wonderful tone for the rest of our time together.

   Training has given me an insight of what Sister Stewart had to do and what kind of missionary I was at the beginning of my mission. It's a humbling experience for sure.

   I'm so sorry that your friend died. That was way sudden but I'm sure Heavenly Father REALLY needed her. How are her students doing? I can't imagine that would be easy for them at all. Especially as a little person

   Thanks so much for my package this week! Because I was in Berlin on Thursday I got it right when it came! How fantastic is that? The skirt is soooo comfy and probably the best skirt to wear while riding a bike because it's stretchy but doesn't ride up and flash people. I wore the blouse to church yesterday and I'm wearing the cardigan now. The goats milk lotion has me converted. Who knew I liked goats milk lotion? And the Hershey kisses are almost gone. Thanks for the pillow case! I love all my pillow cases :)

     Have a great week Mumma and keep pushing strong. We're headed to Bremen today for a zone P-day to play a bunch of sports. No worries! I'll be careful! I love you and am so grateful that you're my Mumma!
-Ariel Nell

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