Monday, February 25, 2013

Caving Survival by Eli - February 24th

Hey Dad!

   OH my goodness that was just hilarious about the kid peeing his pants! Too funny.

    If it wasn't for seminary I wouldn't have the testimony that I have today. That's something that is really important when teaching people. A lot think that just because we were born into families that already have the gospel that its natural that we will stay active and think that it's true. But actually it's not that at all. Yes, for a time I had to rely on you and Mum and what you two would teach me but it comes a point where I have to figure everything out for myself, get my own testimony and conviction to live the gospel. Seminary was one of the greatest tools to help with that. I honestly was more excited each year for seminary to start again than to go to church. Yeah it was early in the morning and yea, I usually only got 5 hours of sleep each night in high school, but it was so worth it.

   Sister Jensen did a lot of dooring and talking to people on the street this past week. We did manage to find a lady who knew a little bit about the church because of Mitt Romney. She was interested in getting a Book of Mormon and said that we could come back and see how she was doing with reading because she said she wanted to read the entire book through. By all means. XXXXXXX is progressing in reading in the Book of Mormon. We had a very serious discussion about baptism this week. Her faith in Christ is definitely growing and she has made the decision to come to church to have a church tour and visit our meetings. She is scared of strangers and so she won't allow us to bring joint teaches. This next step to go to church will help her so much in learning that everyone here is here to help her and to love her and not judge her.

   Margaret Postum sounds familiar. Do I know her? That's super cool that Parker Frost is in California like Robby was. Is he in the same mission? Is he in our ward now? I thought he was in Peachtree Corners.

    We are coming down to one month before this man that we have been preparing to go to the temple can actually go and be sealed to his wife. They are both so excited and he is so very humble and ready to make these next steps to grow closer to the Lord. I've heard through the grape vine that XXXXXX'a wife, XXXXX ( the man I taught in Halberstadt that got baptized just after I left) has a baptismal date. She originally didn't have any interest in the church but after XXXXXX got baptized she has been coming to church with him each week and when XXXXXX was taught about missionary work he made plans with the Elders to start teaching XXXXX and now she is getting baptized too. How neat is that?! I am so excited for their family. You know, while I was there we would buy her flowers and bake cookies and just let her know how appreciative we were for her and those seeds of kindness really helped her coming unto Christ.

   I hope you have a great week Dad. I love you. Remember to keep your head up and that you've always got your amazing family backing you up. Thanks for all the support and advice. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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