Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Party Weekend in Tampa!


  I love that you got to spend a fun weekend with the Boys. Is Jacob getting excited to be a married man. You'll have to let him know sorry for me that I won't be there. I'm glad that you were the DD and helping everyone get home safe and in once piece. What a good friend you are! The weather in Bremerhaven is cold and snowy. It was nice at the beginning of the week and then saturday it started snowing and hasn't stopped and isn't expected to until thursday. Spring is coming soon... i hope :) Na ja, I'm sure I'll miss freezing my buns off when I come home so I better just get in all the freezing moments I can!

    Have you and Ellen had any rehersals for the choir or will you rehearse and perform the same weekend. Be sure to take pictures of all your trips and let me know what fun things you guys got to do. I'm assuming you two may spend easter with her Grandparents? That'll be fun. They're a fun couple.

   So new things from this week. We have been doing a lot of doors with some nice people and some not to nice people. Our ward has been doing a great job giving us referals and so we have been on the run just trying to contact all of them. I love contacting referals because it gives you an important purpose to find these people. It is so much easier once we find them to door them and say, hey we're friends of so and so and they said you'd be interested in our message. So often they are so much more nicer and will spend the 5 minutes to listen to our message so we can give them a Book of Mormon or a brochure.

   XXXXXXX did not progress this week. For the first time since we've met her she hasn't been doing what she knows she should. She has a really hard time with coming to church. She hasn't ever and it really is the thing that will seal the deal. If we can help her build her faith and really strengthen it with church attendance, then when we start teaching about commandments  and espeically things that may try her faith she will be prepared to challenge them. But she has such a problem with coming to church. She said she is afraid that if she goes then she'll like it so much she'll want to go there each week voluntarily and actually become friends with the people there. She is a funny lady but she can do it. I just need to remember to be patient and to work at her speed.

   This is aboslutely the best decision I ever made and I am grateful everyday to that 8 year old who knew she needed to go on a mission so much she couldn't ignore it. You really can't put it into words the priceless gift a mission really is. Thanks for serving one Andre.

   Make sure to have a fabulous week and to not get too stressed out. I love you and miss you! Give my love to Ellen too!

-Ariel Nell

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