Monday, March 18, 2013

March 17 - St. Paddy's Day

I wasn't able to hear Mumma singing but I'll have to listen to it next week when we're at a less sketchy internet laden.

I'm glad the talk by Elder Eyring is getting passed around. It's wonderful. Every member should read it. I'm excited to read your talk. I told Lyndel in her email that with all the talk of the Pope it gives us great opportunities to talk about the Prophet and the Restoration and authority from God. Very neat.
That's crazy that a tooth infection led to Uncle Francis' hip. I hope that the antibiotics work. I'll make sure to keep him in my prayers. How is Sister Robins doing? Your farewell party at work will be fun. Make sure to take lots of pictures and make sure Mum goes! Thanks for all your help in trying to find me a job :)

This week was good filled with lots of time to go finding and door to door. We are working hard with our ward to get referrals. President Daniel, our branch president said that every month there will be a talk about referrals and every Sunday from the pulpit he reminds the members that they need to be giving us referrals. He gave a talk on Sunday about how we are responsible for the things we do and also the things we don't do in the sense that if we don't tell our friends about the gospel we're responsible. I love how dedicated he is to the missionary work. He is a great pleasure to work with and I trust that he helps us make the best decisions in our work. We just got our permission form from the city so that we can have a street display. We are working on also setting up English classes. Hopefully these two resources will help us find new people to teach about the gospel!

While doing doors this past week we met a man who had met with the missionaries 20 years before. I asked him how his experience was and he said that it was good that he still had a Book of Mormon and remembered where our church building is and that we teach about Joseph Smith. I asked him if he had time to busy himself with Jesus Christ and he said yeah. I asked him if he had time this week or next and then he said he didn't want to meet with us. :( It makes me wonder what changed his mind 20 years ago to stop meeting with the missionaries. On that same street we doored a man at his gate ( sometime the door bells are there so they can lock you out of their property). Well he comes out of his house so I yell to him who we are and what we're doing and he yells back that we can call him. I told him I didn't have his number and so then he yelled that to us too. Some people are really strange. Wouldn't it be easier to just come talk to us for 10 minutes then have a 10 minute yelling conversation? Oh well... :)

I hopoe you have a fun week Dad and remember, I love you! Have a great week at work and make sure you and Mum get to do something fun together! Thanks for all your support!
- Ariel Nell

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