Monday, March 4, 2013

March 3rd 2013, Goodbye CDC


Kylee will be getting married in the Oakland temple, and her family lives an hour and a half away from San Fransisco. I'm not sure where I will be staying but I can ask Kylee if it is possible to stay at her parents or something. I just got the email from her today about which temple. Kylee is the one I was with for 6 months in Halberstadt and she is an Elementary school teacher.

I really love the Romans 1:16. Its one of my favorite scriptures and really motivates me to keep spreading the good news. Some people try to make us ashamed of what we do or what message we bring but then I think back to Paul writing to the Romans and other times throughout the new testament where he says ''I'm not ashamed''. It's kind of become my inner motto, ''I'm not ashamed so why should you be?'

It was amazing to read your story of helping the investigator out with her concerns. There is nothing better than a great relationship between the missionaries and the Bishop so that we can keep the missionary work going. Sister Jensen and I have been studying this past week how we can work better with our bishops and branch presidents. The work you have in the Dunwoody ward is only going to keep progressing as you and the Elders continue to work together. This past week we got to meet with our branch President, President Daniel. At the end of our meeting he asked us if there is anything that he could help us with. We explained that we need to get more referrals. Over the past 4 months we have been averaging about 3 a month. He made a note about it and said he would talk about it on Sunday and then gave us a referral and told his friend that we were going to stop by. We were able to teach his friend about the Book of Mormon and invited them to read in it. At church on Sunday, President Daniel announced in Priesthood about their responsibility to spread the gospel and then got up and bore his testimony about giving referrals. Something he mentioned, is that we often make the decisions for our friends whether or not they'll accept the message or not. He said we have nothing to lose and it is not our choice to make but theirs. After Church we received two more referrals so now its our job to contact all of them ASAP. I just wanted to let you know thanks for all your missionary work and the example that you are to our ward.

Would you share with me your experiences of meeting with the missionaries and what you remember about the lessons? I loved hearing about how you came to know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ and how that truth was restored to you.

I'm shocked that you're no longer going to be at the CDC. Are you sad about that? Will you be working at the Veterans Hospital? Where is your new office. I'm excited that you get to move onto something new and that you'll be able to use your MBA skills more fully. I'm sure that will be very rewarding. I'll be sure to keep the Brother Robins and Sister Russel in my prayers. I hope everything gets better for both families.

We are down to less than a month before the man that we have been preparing to go into the temple gets to go. It is so very exciting and he is really looking forward to be with his wife for time and all eternity. It is such a pleasure to meet with them and to help them both grow in their testimonies of the temple. This last week we got to talk about D&C 128 about doing work for those who have already passed on and this week we will talk about D&C 132 about the sealing power and the blessings that come from it for our family. XXXXXXX informed us on Friday that she will be getting baptized. Sister Dean and I had invited her many times but it wasn't until she received that confirmation from the Spirit could she say '' I want to get baptized'' instead of ''I should...'' I am really excited for her. She asked me if all her sins would really be washed away and I told her they would and she was just so excited. She said she had been feeling the spirit all day so strongly because of this decision she has made. We have a bit of a ways before us but because SHE has made this decision she will have more conviction to prepare herself for baptism.

Thanks for all your love and support Dad. I miss you and love you and so thankful that you're MY Dad! Have a wonderful week and enjoy starting work at the Veterans Health Administration!
-Ariel Nell

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