Monday, March 11, 2013

Upping and Upping and Upping until we come to the top of the hill.........

Hey Mumma,

Surely Germany has to get warmer soon but it seems that stubborn Ariel went to stubborn Germany. We had beautiful weather last Monday and Tuesday and then it just dropped all of a sudden and then Saturday afternoon it started snowing and has yet to stop. There is lots of snow everywhere. I'll attach some pictures that I took this morning.

It is a shock to hear about Brother Robins. I had made sure to pray for him this week and his family as Dad had asked me to. I'm glad to know that although it was a tough situation that Nyla and the family are continuing to do well and that they really understand the meaning of that sealing covenant they made. I never knew he was a champion ice-skater! I just remember him being Bishop when I was little and being a little intimidated by him as all little people are of authority but also remembering that he was a really nice man. I really liked him.

That's great that Annette has found a place to live. I don't mind when the lease starts. I'd think July or August would be good. I'm not sure when school starts but I'd like to be able to move in before it does. Seeing as I have two more years left at school I'll probably be there for the next two years. If you feel better about one month than another then you can choose.

I'm glad you took Eli and Jared to Margaret Abernathy's. Is the ward doing anything for her birthday? Be sure to tell her I said Happy Birthday. I'll look for a card or make her one today. What is going on with her health wise? I love how you, Dad, Karma, and Stefan are just a fun wild bunch. That band (The Zombies) sounds really neat. Did you know of the band before? We didn't have day lights saving today. I'm not sure when Germany does it but I know we fell back so we have to spring forward sometime, right?

Don't worry about not getting the Book of Mormon stories at deeper levels. I feel like some people when trying to just understand the stories the first time read too deep and then miss the whole concept. These past two weeks it has just become really apparent to me how we are still in a battle and that when we arm ourselves with our covenants and the armor of God we can fight those armies of temptation and Satan that try to bring us down and take us over. I am excited that we are inching closer to third Nephi. And that we get to learn more about the awesome missionary duo or Lehi and Nephi, those two are my favorite. This past week I had been studying a lot about the plan of salvation. I came across Alma 42:5 that talks about if Adam hadn't transgressed then he would have had no space for repentance. I really like how that is put. It really just helped me to be so very grateful for the fall and that we do has this space or in German ''Zeitraum'' (time period) to repent. Heavenly Fathers plan is so very perfect.

So XXXXX , Holger's wife, was supposed to have been baptized two weeks ago. From what I've heard everything went through. How awesome is that! I'm so very excited for them.

Thanks for all your support Mumma. It's hard pushing through the weeks but by the end I realize that they had just been flying by. Thanks for supporting me to go on a mission. This was the best decision I could have ever made for my life. I love you! Make sure to have a great week!

-Ariel Nell

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