Monday, March 25, 2013

Letter for Mum

Hey Mumma!

I'm sorry you had such horrible dreams. PLEASE don't dream like that. I hate when I have those dreams where I can't talk. Its so unfair. Especially when I'm trying to tell someone something important. I wonder why that happens. I have been dreaming lots of the family lately. I'm excited to see everyone again :)

I'm glad that you all were able to go to Dad's farewell party. I think that would have been a neat experience to be a part of and neat to have walked around and said, " Yup, that's my Dad" :) It's funny how seriously protective the CDC is. I'm glad you and Eli got in okay. Did you guys have to show your passport? Are you enjoying your Strengthening Families class?

I liked reading the Book of Mormon too this week. I have also started the Pearl of Great Price....speaking of which on our way to church on Sunday the pearl necklace that George made for me broke :( I still have it. Anyways, what I was really impressed with was Moses 4:12. It's talking about Eve and her thought process before partaking of the forbidden fruit. What I loved is that it said,'' ...the woman saw that the tree was... a tree to be desired to make her wise...'' She desired wisdom. It made me think about how important it is that we acquire wisdom and knowledge as we study in all subjects. Then this morning I began Abraham and it says in 1:2 how Abraham desired to one who possessed great knowledge and wanted to poss even greater knowledge. I think I take for granted the knowledge that I have and the ability that I have to learn. From Eve and Abraham I have learned just how important it is to have our life's desires directed at gaining more knowledge and I don't just think any knowledge but knowledge that will really help us progress the Lords work, that will help our families, and that will allow us to develop our talents. Just thoughts I've been having this week.

So Friday night we found out that we needed to be in Berlin today so that's why we're emailing so late. We got to be interviewed with Elder Teixeira and President Richards. It was a neat experience to talk to them both and Elder Teixeira said to send warm greetings to my family from him. We did lots of doors this past week. One man after reading the internet site on our card said he wanted nothing to do with us because Mormons do terrorist racist things in Alabama. I'm not sure where he got that from but I asked him if he wanted to talk to members of the church and he said no. Well, that's why he thinks those crazy things. Doing doors really did pay off though because we have two new investigators ( a husband and wife) and then we have two other families that said we could come back at another time. Families are important to bring into the gospel so that was way neat.

Bruder XXXXXXXX, the man that we have been preparing to go to the temple will be receiving his own endowment tomorrow and be sealed to his wife on Wednesday. It was so neat to see him Sunday. He thanked us for helping him prepare to go to the temple. I'm excited for the XXXXXXXXs. What a neat experience that will be for them. We had a ward gr√ľnkohl activity on Saturday and it was way successful at getting less actives and non-members there. There was a couple that came that haven't been to church in over 10 years that we have been visiting about every two weeks. Way cool.

Do you guys have fun plans for Dads birthday? Hope so. How is work going? Have a great week Mumma. I love you and miss you!

-Ariel Nell

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