Monday, March 4, 2013

March comes in like a lion...


You're funny! When is spring break for you all?

I had no idea my audition got waived until I got to your email, woo hoo!! Danke Schön! But I am working hard on practicing and getting back into shape. I'm excited to come home and practice lots whenever I want. Kylee (Sister Openshaw) is getting married to a friend of hers she's known for the 3 years before her mission. She came home, they started dating and she fell in love with him. I'm not sure where I could stay but I can ask Kylee. She lives an hour and a half away from San Fransisco. I'm not sure which temple they will be sealed in but she said California. I'll get all the details. Thanks for helping me to go to Kylee's sealing. Thanks for the help mum.

That's crazy Hannah is moving to L.A.! This week reading the war chapters really hit me how much of a battle we truly are in right now. It is essential to gird ourselves with our spiritual armor so that we can protect ourselves. Moroni's armies were always better than the Lamanite armies and it was due to their preparation. If we don't prepare ourselves we can't expect the Lord to help us with the rest. Also it talks about how Moroni supported those cities in a manner that was unlike anything before. It was unlike anything before because he was directed by God. If we listen to the guiding of the Holy Ghost we will know exactly what to do to strengthen our fortifications against Satan in the manner that God will show us. I could also do without all the blood and crazy men wanting to drink blood. But we can learn from it.

We had a really neat lesson with a girl that we met at a bus stop during Sister Deans 2nd to last week here. She did an exchange for a year in Utah and lived with a Mormon family. She went to church with them each week and really loved that the church really emphasizes helping others and doing good to one another. Saturday as we met with her she had a lot of questions about what it's like to be a Mormon here in Germany and other questions about the doctrine. It's interesting because she knows A LOT, like she even said she has felt the Holy Ghost a lot as she was at church. Her concern is that she doesn't know if God exists and that Jesus is his Son. She has a hard time with the science and faith balance. It's an interesting concern to have and something I haven't come across too often in my mission. She said she will come to church next week and bring her parents. Cool!

We talked to XXXXXXX on the phone friday night and as I was going to end our conversation she tells me that she is going to be baptized. It became clear to her that is what she needs to do as she was reading in the Book of Mormon that morning. She had the question in mind as to what she should do and the answer was as if someone was saying it in her head,''Baptism, you need to get baptized.'' We were way excited and way shocked. Sister Dean and I had talked to her lots about baptism but it wasn't until the Holy Ghost confirmed it to her that that is what she needed to do did she decide to take this next step. It just is further evidence you can't convince anyone but have to allow the Holy Ghost to be there to work within the people to help them come to understand the truth and what they need to do. We have no better tool that the Book of Mormon.

I hope you have a great week and I'm so grateful for the love and support you offer. I won't be able to go to the temple before I come home so that is something I'd like to do together when we have those three days together. I'm working hard! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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