Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey hey hey

Hey Andre!

  I'm glad that you and Ellen got to celebrate two years at the beach and in warm weather!! How glorious! I think I will never feel the sun again before I go home. It snowed all this last week and dumped a lot more last night so we're all snowed-up. I'm glad that you got to go and visit people with the Elders. I am soooo excited for General Conference. General Conference is like spring break, missionary style! YES!

   When do you and Ellen have y'alls first concert with the Choir? How many people from Atlanta are also members in the choir? Will you guys be driving or flying to Columbus for the cousins wedding? That'll be fun to see that side of the family. I hope you guys have fun. Make sure to be of help to everyone there.

   XXXXXXX was like a roller-coaster this week. I got to talk to her friday night and she was so full of doubt about everything that she knows. She was beginning to feel that God didn't love her, that Christs atonement couldn't possibly cover every sin, and that it comes a point where God just has to say no to things that we repent of everyday. She felt like it was impossible for her to get back to Heaven when we're also judged from the things we think and say. It was so heart breaking that I was crying. I asked her what her hearts desire was and she said to simply be a good person. I asked her if she believed me and trusted that what I said was the truth. She said she did. I told her that God does love her an unfathomable amount, that Christs' atonement is infinite and covers all, and that baptism is the right choice. She felt better a bit the next day but she did open up to me and explain why she is scared to come to church. Then she made the resolution to come to church this past Sunday and right when she was going to leave the house it started snowing hard. She only has a little scooter so she doesn't ride in the snow. We called her after church and she said that next week she is going to get her mum to drive her to church. We have tried bringing joint teaches but she doesn't allow us. We ask if its alright to bring someone next time and she says no. What can you do about that? Get her to church!

   Everything else is good. We doing lots of finding. I'm glad Ellen got the postcard. I've sent her two I think in the last little while so I hope she got both. Or I sent a letter and a postcard, I'm not sure. Anyways, I love you two! Be good this week and please travel safely to Columbus, Ohio. Love you!

-Ariel Nell

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