Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's Day!

Hey Lyndel!
   People are all saying stuff about the new Pope too. They ask for our opinions and then we say we don't really care and don't follow the Pope and then their eyes almost fall out of their faces sometimes. It gives us a great opportunity to talk to people about the Restoration and authority and Prophets. Love it!

   Our week was good. We did a lot of contacting and going door to door. The referrals are getting contacted but still no interest sparked. The most important I think, after we missionaries contact members friends, is that the members follow up. We have been blessed with a lot of wonderful conversations with people and have been able to leave them with the proclamation to the family or a Book of Mormon. I told Sister Jensen during weekly planning that one of my goals was to testify more. Well Saturday we spent A LOT of time contacting less actives and people on the street. We stopped this one man and he had some really strange ideas about resurrection and Jesus Christ and God. Good thing was it gave me the opportunity to testify to him like 4 different times that God exists, Jesus is the Christ, He was resurrected and that we too will all be resurrected. He thought I was crazy when I said that and he told us we were being pressured into say these things and that we were brain washed. Then we got to testify of the power of the Holy Ghost in conversion. At the end of the conversation I promised him that he would be resurrected and that we would meet up and I'd be able to explain everything better to him. I really hope Heavenly Father gives me the chance to teach this man again. He will love the gospel, he just needs a little time to open his heart.

   I'm glad you passed that talk on to the Elders. It's FABULOUS! It's like a hammer for referrals. Well, it snowed everyday this past week and this morning we woke up to TONS of snow. I don't think the Easter bunny will come with all the snow here. He'll think its too early! It makes everything look like tons of powder sugar was poured on everything. Sometimes I want to eat the snow but then think how unsanitary that probably is :)

  Yup, 6 weeks my friends! Let's work hard until the end! I'm super excited to come home to the family but I'm really motivated to work hard and not get distracted and keep building up the program here.

  Well I love you Lyndel, Have a great week and make sure to have fun! Enjoy the garage sale. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

An antique Caro coffee can I found. Caro is the equivalent to Pero.

Snowy Bremerhaven this morning 3/18/13

All 12 of my planners

 A sunset I caught on a train ride

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