Monday, March 11, 2013

Marching forward

   That was such a funny story from Auntie Isobel. Haha! (I shared with Ariel the following stories: Earlier this week I was sleeping peacefully in bed up against mikes shoulder while he was laying there reading scriptures on his ipad mini. He sleepily let his ipad mini fall toward him, except it hit me in the forehead! I woke up abruptly in tears and Mike grumbled something about everything being fine and to go back to sleep. It was a horrific experience. I posted about it in Facebook and Aunt Isobel said this: "Many years ago, having an nap on my then to be husbands single bed (without him) his alarm clock fell from the headboard. I subsequently got a black eye. Boy did I have a hard time explaining that to my Mum.") I can only imagine what Grandma would have said about Isobel's black eye. Sometimes I wish I could meet Grandma and Papa sooner than later. I really look forward to getting to sit down and talk to them about everything they lived through and all their life experiences.

   I'm glad you enjoyed a supervised ''date'' with the Elders. Ha! I'm sure Dad was a little confused about that one. (This experience was shared with Ariel: We fed the Elders on Tuesday night. Took them Wild Ginger actually. Anyways as we were leaving Dad called them and Elder Romero goes, " Hi Bishop! We're just finishing dinner with your daughter. (Pause) Oh! And your son in law too!" Haha - It didn't really click until after he added that last bit, that it sounded like I had taken them on a date. Haha.) 

 Kylee (Sister Openshaw) would always dance for me when backing me up in the car. It always made for an entertaining time driving the car. I hope no missionary has ''accidentally'' hit their companion. If he did he better watch out for some lightening because backing up into a missionary is like trying to kill an apostle, that's a no go roger. (There is a missionary rule - worldwide I think - that says that one missionary must stand outside of the car and direct the other out of parking spots. For safety reasons maybe, so they don't hit anyone?)

    Well last Monday and Tuesday we enjoyed glorious weather as in it was maybe 8°C. That's a big deal people! Well then, it decided it didn't like being so hot and has significantly dropped to where Saturday afternoon is begun snowing and hasn't stopped. There's lots of snow outside and wind that likes to blow it all around. Todays p-day activities include staying inside where its warm because we're allowed to. We had a lot of appointments fall out so we ended up doing a lot of doors Saturday. One lady we met said that she felt bad that we had to be out even in this weather. Na ja (No worries), as long as you keep moving you collect funny stories with every person you talk to. Its supposed to continue snowing until Thursday. We heard there was a big snow storm in Washington D.C. How is everyone there?

    This week has been good for us. Time is flying. I feel like we just had p-day and here I am again at the computer writing emails. I've started to anxiously sleep. You know, like when it was Christmas eve and we all felt like we were going to pop out of our skin if Christmas didn't come soon enough and then Andre would wake up at 4 or 5 am because he just had to check out all the presents first? Well I keep anxiously sleeping thinking its time to go home but its not. I need to psych myself out of it so my heart can just have a rest!

    Sister Jensen is getting more and more accustomed to the area each week. She klingeled ( door knocked) her first entire building this past week. She isn't a fan of talking to strangers so she still has the shy factor but she is growing and expanding her horizons each week :) She does a really great job of asking questions in our lessons. She always seems to know what to ask to get the people to open up. Her German is a lot better and she is getting more comfortable sharing experiences with people.

    XXXXXXX picked the end of April to be baptized. We are having a bit of trouble getting her to come to church and so this past week we have taught lots about church and the sacrament and our baptismal covenant. She said she is getting a bad conscience about not going to church so the spirit is working in her to get her to come. She's just got to do it on her own time. No, there aren't any old ladies as fabulous as Schwester Munke. We do have older ladies here but shes the best of the best. We have an Italian family in our ward, like straight born and raised there. Every time I get to spend time with their family I feel like I'm home. Especially when they're all yelling in Italian :) And the lasagna and pasta they make tastes like I know it should taste. They're fun.

    The picture is of me walking to the church just two hours ago to do emails. I look like a fat Michelin man :( The second one is the path through the woods we take to the church. Have a great week Lyndel. I love you bunches! Remember to have some fun!

-Ariel Nell
Michelin man Ariel on her way to do emails

Their path through the woods to the church

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